US Infrastructure: Financed By China, Built By Amnestied Aliens?

No one seems to be asking where all these new provisional status Americans will work if Immigration Reform of any type becomes law now or in the future. Of course, amnestied aliens will continue to take jobs away from Americans, but jobs doing what? No one can raise a family on a low skill low wage job and prosper in America. Or can they?

Back in April, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Chinese government representatives to promote China’s investment in US Infrastructure Projects. At the same time, Obama regurgitated his idea of an “Infrastructure Bank.” I penned a piece about both, but got lost in the “Chinese government in America” thing and never made the connection to Immigration Reform. However, I think there is a very real connection between the calls for rebuilding the US Infrastructure, Obama’s investment overtures to China and our federal legislatures rush to legalize tens of millions of low cost illegal immigrant laborers.

The American economy is at a standstill. Manufacturing jobs that have been shipped offshore are not coming back to an over-regulated and over-taxed Obama economy. The Construction trades have been devastated by the recession. Bottom line is there are more workers than jobs. The Construction Industry cannot afford to keep people on the payroll or hire out of union halls unless there are projects that need building.

To illustrate my point, I offer Texas, one of the largest economies in the world. Yet a high percentage of its construction labor is now employed in the petrochemical industry, not the construction trades. Even as strong as the Texas economy is, there is not enough building trades work to go around. Even for the companies that employ cheap illegal immigrant labor.

With almost $17 trillion dollars, in short term national debt and estimated long term unfunded liabilities for our entitlement programs somewhere north of $150 trillion, the US government and taxpayer cannot afford to borrow much money for very long to finance rebuilding America’s Infrastructure. Not under our Obama economic models. Our government, Democrats and Republicans, all recognize that Americans may be feeding off their treasury, but America cannot be dependent on the rest of the world.

Enter Infrastructure projects done with Chinese investment and cheap immigrant labor—the new crony capitalism for America.

The White House and our lawmakers are strangely mute about the future of American Infrastructure Projects. Oh, they bristle and politic when a bridge collapses and they ribbon-cut often as it offers a photo op, but they are sketchy on details for why we are holding back on putting Americans to work on sorely needed public works and energy generation projects. Why?

For decades, American companies have manipulated our politicians and immigration laws to secure tax benefits for employing legal immigrant labor from around the world. Labor that was brought here in an expedient fashion, fast tracked if you will through the immigration process, sold as big hearted America’s helping hand to asylum seekers, when in reality they were a handpicked workforce designed to get the job done cheap. You pick a country that has had civil strife and I guarantee you that somewhere in the US is a Congressional district swamped with these people performing cheap labor and subsisting off the taxpayer. Not to mention a very happy public official with his or her hands in some campaign contributors pocket and cadre of newly sworn voters ready to head to the polls when instructed.

I believe that our government is executing a plan that is guaranteed to keep them fat and happy while we sweat the load. The Senate has not convinced the Congress, yet, but it is coming whether conservatives like it or not. Either that or our infrastructure and energy production needs will suffer. This is how Washington does business. It is called extortion.

Current Immigration reform includes immediate right to work status for all. For some it provides immediate citizenship and special worker protections required by law to work on public works or government job sites. The current bill also establishes an “Immigrant prevailing wage.” Sounds like government code for base union scale wages, but I could be wrong.

John Kerry went to China to soothe our bankers back in April. The Chinese are not satisfied with the slim pickings in America anymore. They want some real meat and it is going to take amnesty and a boatload of tax breaks, but this is our governments plan.

Every bubble that was re-inflated by Obama since 2008 is getting very thin. They have to do something quick or it is all going to fall apart. Selling out millions of voting Americans who will be replaced by millions of new voters is an ugly theory to swallow. America had better start chewing on it now before they cram it down our throats.

Immigration reform will destroy America. Vigorously protest and stop it now or it is over for all of us.