University Dean Says Creationists Should Not Be Allowed to Graduate

Ever since the theory of evolution was first proposed, there has been a rift between creationists and evolutionists.  Perhaps nowhere is that rift wider than in public schools and colleges.

I’ve sat in classrooms where college professors not only taught evolution, but ranted and raved against anyone stupid enough to believe in biblical creation, especially in young-earth creation.  Some will tolerate old-earth creationism because it compromises the Bible with evolution, but when it comes to us six 24 hour day 6000 years ago creationists, there is no tolerance whatsoever.

I had a couple of professors at Arizona State University that told me that if I opened my mouth one more time about challenging evolution that they would throw me out of their class and fail me.  One prof in particular was livid when he saw my test paper.  Across the top of the test paper by my name I wrote:

“Although I do not believe evolution to be scientifically true, I will provide the answers that I know are expected for this test.”

A former colleague of mine told me that he was a geology major at a major state university.  The head of the geology department, who also happened to be his advisor, hated young-earth creationists with a passion and often said so in his class lectures.  On more than one occasion, this prof told his students that if he found out that anyone of them were creationists, that he would fail them on the spot.

I could go on and on and on with more examples of the extreme prejudice that much of the academic world has against young-earth biblical creationists.  However, I believe that my point will be well made by watching the video below of Professor Lesley A. Northup, Dean of the Honor’s College at Florida International University.  She not only says that anyone believing in creationism should not be allowed to graduate, but she also places all religions, especially Christianity and the Bible as being nothing more than myths.

So parents, please do your homework before sending your kids off to college.  Most secular colleges will do their best strip all vestiges of Christian belief away from your children.  You also have to be aware that the vast majority of Christian colleges are no better.

For example, Dr. Davis Young at Calvin College is a well-known evolutionist and teaches that science trumps Scripture when it comes to things like geology.  Or take Taylor University in Indiana that claims to be a Christian school and whose president wrote this response to someone’s inquiry:

“I am confident to affirm to you that there are no faculty in any department at Taylor who are not Creationists . . . Having said this, I would be less than honest if I did not follow with a few clarifying statements.  Some of our faculty doubtless hold to the position which you describe in your letter, however, we try to be careful not to make God’s word say things which it does not say, or on the other hand to set up straw men and make science say things which it does not say.  To us, the most important issue is not so much how God created the world, as that He did create the world.”

But a student at Taylor wrote this letter to a ministry I used to work at:

“I never questioned what the Bible stated about origins – it stated it pretty clear to me – nor did I run into any Christians who would challenge the Bible UNTIL I came to college.  I began talking with environmental science majors or biology majors here who would make statements like, ‘Oh, yeah, I used to believe in a literal six-day Creation until I came here.  Now, through my courses in biology, etc., I can see how that just wasn’t possible . . . It wasn’t until about my junior year here that I began to see how serious it was that many of the professors do not believe and teach what the Bible specifically says concerning origins . . . I began to question what I believed and what my professor was presenting became more and more believable.’”

I had a friend whose daughter was a brilliant science student in high school.  He wanted to send her to a Christian college but heard that many of them teach evolution as being true.  So he drafted a form letter with a series of questions that were carefully designed not to let on whether he believed in evolution or creation.  He mailed them off to 82 Christian colleges and universities.  Of those that did respond, only 4 were found to teach biblical young-earth creationism.  Some of the more popular and highly rated Christian colleges actually told him that they teach evolution because science has proven it to be true and that you can’t always trust the Bible.  Here is a list of some of the responses he received:

  • Spring Arbor College, Michigan – “…In general, faculty in the science area do not lean toward the idea of a young (10,000 year old) earth…we feel that an older earth fits more nicely with the great preponderance of scientific data and that the Bible does not really demand a young earth interpretation of Genesis.”
  • Goshen College, Indiana – “…the six ‘days’ of creation idea is not an essential emphasis and it is futile for us to pretend that we can restrict God’s work to our human concept of time…The theory of evolution is the model into which we place all discoveries.”
  • Erskine College, South Carolina – “…The biology faculty operate and teach based on the principle that Christianity and evolution are not mutually exclusive.”
  • Houghton, New York – “…The majority of the science faculty are old earth in their theory.”
  • Northwest Nazarene College, Idaho – “…We have very open discussions about creation.  Geology is taught from a uniformitarian point of view (long time periods) for the age of the earth and solar system.”
  • Northwestern College, Iowa – “…We all believe that the book of Genesis tells us the WHO of creation but the HOW and HOW LONG IT TOOK and WHEN is not as clear and can be interpreted in different ways.”
  • George Fox University, Oregon – “…To summarize we believe that God created everything and that He has given us the ability to study His creation.  Thus we are open to different interpretations on how God created and do not believe that there needs to be any conflict between science and Christianity.”
  • Asbury College, Kentucky – “…We all of course believe in creation, and all the full-time faculty believe that the earth is billions of years old.  All of us believe, however, that in some way God was active in creation over that long time span.”
  • Montreat College, North Carolina – “…We do not use Genesis as a basis for science, rather we view the creation account as an ultimate (theological) explanation…We are all creationists here, but only one of my colleagues is a young-earth creationist.”
  • Seattle Pacific University, Washington – “…It is at this point that we, and the entire scientific community, part company with ‘creation scientists’, for their basic source of data is not the created world, but a literal interpretation of the Scriptures…we feel that it would be irresponsible to present their work as a scientific alternative.”

In case you were wondering, there are two Christian colleges that I personally would recommend that do teach a young-earth creationist view in their science departments – Clearwater Christian College in Florida and Cedarville University in Ohio.