University Administrator Calls Olympics-Themed Party “Racist” Because of Sombreros and Fake Mustaches

The party was hosted by a sorority at Columbia University. People came dressed in costumes that represented the different countries who participated in the Olympic games. The Daily Caller reported:

The party was an equal-opportunity offender: Participants were allowed to dress up however they wanted. Some girls donned skimpy French maid outfits to represent France; others selected Japanese schoolgirl attire to represent Japan, according to The College Fix. Pictures of the party on social media show that the Netherlands, Jamaica and Mexico were represented as well.

The Mexican-themed partygoers wore sombreros and mustaches, and seem to have garnered the most hate. The Columbia Chicano Caucus, a group for Latino students, accused Theta of stigmatizing Mexico and promoting systemic oppression.

Here was part of the Columbia Chicano Caucus’s statement on the racist party:

“While we understand that the actions taken by these members may not have intended to be harmful, they were in fact offensive… Stereotypes are used to oppress marginalized communities… While we cannot speak for every Mexican, Mexican-American, or Chicana, we feel that any form of cultural appropriation is humiliating and perpetuates that group’s oppression in the United States by reinforcing a general culture of disrespect… Tangible solutions need to be reached so that this does not happen again.”

The Dean of Students at Columbia University also chimed in on the racist use of sombreros and fake mustaches:

“I am incredibly saddened and disappointed to learn of students in our community participating in costume caricatures of several different nationalities… It is our utmost responsibility to ensure that your living and learning environment is free from any act or behavior that degrades individuals or groups, including racially or culturally-based insensitivity. As such, the bias-related response team, which is comprised of members across Student Affairs including the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Fraternity and Sorority Life, are currently reaching out to potentially impacted communities to offer support and follow-up.”

The University is offering “counseling” to those poor souls who were offended by the sorority’s display of racial hatred. Of course, it’s only racist if non-Latinos engage in this kind of behavior.

At a Valentine’s Day party, this same Chicano Caucus group of students had poster cut-outs of sombreros and fake mustaches, and they’ve got pictures of the party with participants putting their faces behind the cut-outs. So, that’s OK, because they were a part of the Chicano Caucus.

I guess this is kind of like the “n” word. Only those with high melanin content in their skin can say that word. Those with lighter skin are not allowed to use it and are racist if they do use it or ever have used it.