United Nations: “Right to Life” Laws Are Equivalent To Torturing Women

Feminists are now framing carrying a pregnancy to term, without benefit of the abortion option as a form of torture. At least, that is the new claim being made by the journalist’s from the far left wing publication “The Nation” and the United Nations nut balls covering recent pro-life legislation passed in Arkansas and North Dakota banning second trimester abortions.

Recent articles entitled: “There are now states where it’s not safe to be a woman” by Katrina Vanden Heuval and “Why is North Dakota Torturing Women” by Jessica Valenti, of “The Nation” claim new states legislation preventing second trimester abortions are “draconian laws” that are “anti-family” “anti-equality” and “an unprecedented frontal assault” on mainstream support for a woman’s constitutional right to decide when she wants to have a baby.”

As reported in Ms. Valenti’s article, the United Nation’ special rapporteur, Juan Mendez “has included lack of access to abortion on his yearly report on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”  “I’m not trying to be trite” writes Valenti, “I do believe, as Mendez does, that forcing women to carry pregnancies they don’t want is cruel.”

According to Valenti: “This is about humiliating women and making the decision to have an abortion as difficult as possible” and “at the end of the day, forced pregnancy is less about protecting women or “life” than it is about punishment and humiliation.” Sounds to me like Ms. Valenti, like most feminists, cares more about her open and free sex life than the life of a child she may create.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but getting pregnant, is now, more than ever, a choice. President Obama’s Affordable Care Act requires that every single women on health insurance be provided, free of charge, the birth control of their choice to avoid unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. The Supreme Court found the new healthcare law to be constitutional, so, given the easily obtainable, wide variety of free contraception available to all women, aborting an unplanned pregnancy should be less frequent now more than ever, right?  Well, apparently not if you’re an Upper West side aristocrat who believes pro-family values should always include unwanted fetus disposal. Yes, I said fetus disposal.

Laced throughout Ms. Valenti’s misguided and callous article are references to the word “fetus.” Ms. Valenti conveniently uses the phrase “father of the fetus” when describing a 2007 Ohio bill requiring identification of and permission from the father, before the expectant mother could obtain an abortion. Funny, although I am a father several times over, I don’t remember ever being a father of a fetus. Maybe Ms. Valenti’s boss at “The Nation” remembers being the expectant mother of a fetus. Maybe Ms. Valenti’s father was once a “father of a fetus”, but I can assure you none of my kids were ever referred to as a “fetus.”

According to public record, Ms. Vanden Heuval the editor/publisher at “The Nation” has one daughter or should I say a “fetus” she gave birth to in 1991. I wonder at which point in 1990 Ms. Vanden Heuval chose to name her fetus, Nicola. Was it the day she became aware of her pregnancy and chose to safeguard the life she carried in her womb or was it after an emotionally torturous sonogram and a carefully balanced career verses family discussion with the “father of the fetus.” Perhaps she still refers to Nicola as the “fetus” when waxing poetic about her pregnancy. I wonder if the gals at “The Nation” threw a progressive feminist fetus shower.

As stated by Ms. Vanden Heuval in her article, today’s “women know that our reproductive freedom is the key to our autonomy, and that we are better mothers, citizens, and professionals when we are able to make our own decisions about our own destinies” She goes on to lecture: “We know that when women are healthy and free, families thrive, communities thrive, marketplaces thrive and nations thrive.”

Tell that to the 800 thousand dead fetuses American women and your friend Cecil Richards tortured and disposed of last year, Ms. Vanden Heuval. How about all those future mothers, citizens, and professionals forbidden to thrive in our nation?  New York aristocracy and your band of career gals may worship the god of secularism and self-governance, but eventually you will all have to answer for all the lives your selfishness has cost. And you money and your status can’t help you.