Unions Endorsing Republican Candidates for Governor!

Midwest Republican Governor’s are getting surprising support from state Unions and it couldn’t come at a worse time for the national Democrat Party. 

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker scored big endorsement when several state law enforcement unions chose to endorse him over his Democrat opponent.

In Ohio, Governor John Kasich was happy to accept the endorsement of the state Carpenters Union.

If the Democrats begin shedding their base support from state Unions… they don’t stand a chance in the elections.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign announced several state  law enforcement unions have endorsed his reelection, despite the overwhelming opposition of most labor unions.

“The Milwaukee Police Association, Milwaukee Police Supervisors’ Organization, and Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association formally announced their endorsement of Governor Scott Walker’s re-election today.  The organizations highlighted the governor’s strong commitment to public safety in Wisconsin” a press release from the Walker campaign announced.

“Our police force and firefighters are critical to the safety of Milwaukee and its citizens,” Gov. Walker said in a statement. “My administration is committed to ensuring these professionals have the resources and information they need to serve and protect our communities. In a second term as Governor, we will continue our commitment to the brave men and women of our public safety community.”

copsThe Milwaukee Police Supervisors’ Organization told The Daily Caller News Foundation, that they are “proud to endorse Governor Walker for a well-deserved second term.  We know Governor Walker is committed to public safety. He is a proven leader and supporter of Law Enforcement and law enforcement related issues across the State of Wisconsin.”

“Governor Walker understands the complexities law enforcement officers and their supervisors face on a daily basis, as they protect every member of their communities,” the statement continued.  ”We appreciate and trust Governor Walker to continue his support for keeping our citizens and communities safe.”

In a statement given to TheDCNF from the Milwaukee Police Association (MPA), their president, Michael Crivello, declared, “Governor Walker has demonstrated an absolute unwavering focus towards safer communities and quality of life for Wisconsin citizens – all very evident in his clear vision for Public Safety and continual support of law enforcement.”

MPA is a local chapter of the International Union of Police Associations (IUPA), which is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO. On the national level the AFL-CIO has been adamantly opposing Walker.

Walker’s poor standing with unions stems from him winning the enactment of Act 10, a state law that prohibited collective bargaining on anything beyond raises tied to inflation, eliminated automatic union dues deductions from public workers’ paychecks and required these workers to contribute more to their health insurance and pensions.

The AFL-CIO reaffirmed their long held commitment to defeat Walker in a recent radio ad, “We have to hold Gov. Walker accountable, for refusing to raise the minimum wage, for killing paid sick leave in Milwaukee and for making Wisconsin last in jobs in the Midwest.”

Police and fire unions were exempt from Act 10, although there has been talk of extending it to include them.


and in Ohio…


Ohio Gov. John Kasich accepted an endorsement from the Carpenters Union Wednesday, a rare example of union backing for a Republican ahead of November’s elections.

carpenterThis most recent endorsement marks the second union to announce their support for Kasich after the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18 did last month. Kasich is also expected to receive a third labor endorsement Thursday from the Ohio Laborers District Council according to according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

However, despite this recent wave of support by organized labor, most unions have publicly backed Democrat Ed Fitzgerald instead. Many of these unions didn’t like Kasich’s support of Senate Bill 5, which curtailed public unions’ collective bargaining power. It was repealed by voters in 2011.

Recognizing this, Kasich told the Plain Dealer, “For too long there’s been a disconnect between people like me and organized labor.”

He added, “This was not easy for you to endorse a Republican governor — not easy — but we’ve gotten to know each other over time.”

Kasich told the Carpenters Union the endorse was “a big deal” and added, “I grew up with you, I lived in your neighborhood.”

The Carpenters Union political director, Jason Clark, was quoted by the Plain Dealer as saying, “It’s greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with the governor and lieutenant governor in the future and further building that relationship.”

Clark added the Ohio Department of Transportation budget, the passage of the 2013 capital appropriations bill and the growing oil and gas industry were some of the reasons for endorsing Kasich over his Democratic opponent.

Kaisch leads in the polls by a wide margin.



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