Unions Bullying Teachers Who Opt Out

I guess that all of the anti-bullying laws, rules and ordinances don’t apply to the liberal left-wing unions that conscript educators into slavery.  At least that’s the way it appears.

After the 2012 election, Michigan joined the ranks of states known as ‘right to work’ states.  That means that a person is not forced to join a union in order to get a job in any certain field.  Unfortunately, the right to work was delayed just long enough to allow teachers’ unions in the state to lock in their contracts with educators around the state and forcing them to continue to pay union dues for years to come.

However, some teachers have been finding ways to opt out of the union so they are no longer slaves to the progressive political agendas of the union leadership.  One of those educators was Kathi Moreau, a school counselor in a Michigan school.  After leaving the Michigan Education Association 17-B/C union, Moreau was shocked to find her name published in the union newsletter along with fifteen others that left.  She told a local news outlet:

“The fact that names were published in the newsletter confirmed the thought that some unions would throw their members under a bus at the blink of an eye.  Additionally, there was no reason for publishing our names and it is nothing less than a cheap shot for opting out.”

Last year, the Roscommon Teachers Association, an independent union, split from the Michigan Education Association.  James Perialas, President of Roscommon commented on the actions of the MEA, saying:

“You would think that a professional teacher organization would not participate in this type of behavior.  These teachers were exercising their rights, and publishing their names implies that the readers should treat them differently in a negative way.”

Wendy Day, a current candidate for state representative and a former school district board member said that the printing of Moreau’s and other names the way the MEA did was nothing more than bullying.  Her words were:

“Holy cow, for all the anti-bullying efforts in our schools these days, this is shameful.”

From my experience, unions have never played fair.  When I was a union member some years back, they bent over backward to help me and other union members.  But Arizona was a right to work state and there were rumors that the union wanted to go on strike and that it would be a long strike, so I opted out of the union so that I could continue to work and support my family.  From the day they received my notice that I was leaving the union, I was treated like I had the plague and was the scourge of the earth by union officials.  Even some of my co-workers who were union members treated me differently after I placed my family over the union.

What’s sad in the case of Kathi Moreau is that schools have been working so hard to prevent bullying and yet the unions turn around and bully their former members as if they were kids on the playground.  The example they set is appalling and childish, yet that is typical of liberal left-wing progressives when they don’t get their way or someone crosses them.  They throw out all rules of decency and turn to the ugly art of bullying.  But we shouldn’t be surprised because after all, the top left-wing liberal progressive in the nation, namely Barack Obama, was doing the very same thing to the American people in the recent partial government shutdown.