Unionized Prison Guards As Thug Harem Servants

This story from FoxNews is a window into reality, not some anomaly in our society.

“A federal investigation into an alleged sex-fueled smuggling scheme between female guards and inmate gang members at the Baltimore City Detention Center has drawn scrutiny to a union-backed “bill of rights” for prison guards that may have contributed to the culture of corruption. One FBI agent is now claiming the “rights” helped shield bad apples from discipline. According to the 44-page indictment, members of the Black Guerilla Family were able to control female guards and indoctrinate them into their plot by having sex with them. They were able to persuade the women to smuggle in contraband ranging from pot to prescription narcotics to tobacco to cell phones, used to coordinate an elaborate criminal enterprise with outside gang members. Male and female guards smuggled the contraband in exchange for money.”

In the movies, if someone is given a “license to kill” he is an incredibly skilled, brave, persevering, good-looking, and sexually-immoral agent. In real life, the only thing that applies is the sexually-immoral part. While these prison guards may not have been given license to kill, they were given a free-pass that most of us will never get from law enforcement. They were “untouchable.”

So let’s think about what might happen. I suspect prison guards don’t get paid very well and I doubt it is an illustrious career. But then they are put in close proximity with a bunch of people who make a lot of money by breaking the law. If you are a union prison guard with a fantastic “bill of rights” that you believe will protect you from ever being held accountable to the law, you will realize that your position will give you a way to make a lot more money. You sell your services to the people who you are supposedly guarding to make your “correctional facility” into a crime headquarters. And if you’re bored and looking for the excitement of fornication, well that is just a bonus. The FBI’s indictment includes 13 female prison guards—“among them four impregnated by gang leader Tavon White.”

The indictment also states: “Though the offenses were clearly prohibited, administrative hurdles made the prospect of actual punishment very remote.” Furthermore, according to the FoxNews story, “an affidavit attached to the indictment and written by an FBI agent clearly states that disciplining guards under the bill of rights ‘has proven to be very difficult. So cases are dropped.’”

So you have two groups of people, both comfortable with being outside the law for different reasons (one by choice and the other by virtual immunity from real investigation), who find they have an affinity to one another. Is this surprising to anyone?

The “bill of rights” was made law in 2010. It had bipartisan support in Maryland with only two Republican state senators holding out. The union lobbied for it and the democratic governor was in favor of it.

The media-political complex keeps acting like all law enforcers are extremely vulnerable and need added protections from being prosecuted. But we are entrusting our society to such people. We are relying completely on their integrity. When they commit crimes, justice should be at least as swift as in any other situation.

If the law can’t be enforced for law enforcers, crime will only grow.