Underage Female Students Forced To Tolerate Sexual Harassment By “Transgender” Boy

Oh, to be a high-school boy and have permission to use the girls’ locker rooms and the girls’ bathrooms and sit a mere two feet from a hot high-school chick using the toilet with only an inch of Formica separating them!

But how to live out such a fantasy? The solution would make a perfect ’80s screwball comedy, perhaps starring Emilio Estevez or Matthew Broderick, who has a crush on the blonde captain of the cheerleading squad and, in order to see her naked in the locker rooms, starts attending school disguised as a female foreign exchange student and joins the cheer squad. Hilarity ensues, but everybody learns a lesson in the end. Not unlike the Dustin Hoffman movie Tootsie, in fact.

Except that in these modern times, controlled entirely by liberals, no lessons are ever learned.

Female students, most of them underage, at Florence High School in Colorado are forced to endure sexual harassment at the hands of a boy who calls himself a girl—a condition referred to as “transgender” these days, as opposed to its former name, “crazy”—all so as not to hurt the sexual deviant’s feelings.

But what’s a little sexual harassment compared to the all-important virtue of tolerance?

According to the Pacific Justice Institute, females who have complained about harassment by the “transgender” student have been threatened with being charged with hate crimes and being kicked off their sports teams.

From BizPacReview:

According to the letter [sent by the PJI], after meeting with the girls complaining about sharing a bathroom with the transgender student, school officials suggested the girls ‘avoid using the girls’ locker room’ and instead use another bathroom. However, the one suggested is ‘far from their classes’ and is not open during the after-school sports in which they participate.”

There has been a surge of male students lately who call themselves transgender, and it’s not because they’re just more courageous these days about revealing their sickness; rather, it’s because brilliant sexual predators understand that because society is more tolerant of sexual deviancy, they can not only get away with being peeping toms, but are in fact encouraged to be peeping toms.

Their resourcefulness and capitalizing upon modern society has to be commended—but they’re still sickos.