The Unbelievable Provisions of “Trayvon’s” 28th Amendment

So, a friend of mine posted a link to this site, which is apparently the official site for a petition to enact the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, also known as “Trayvon’s Amendment.” First, I must say that I almost can’t believe this site is for real. Part of me thinks it is just troll-bait making money off of outrage-driven web traffic. But another part of me begrudgingly concedes that it could be authentic—I have certainly met a number of people that think this way.

But you can’t even gauge this level of stupid. Here are some of the “common sense” changes proposed in the 28th Amendment:

The 28th Amendment would repeal the Second Amendment.

According to the mouth-breathing heart-bleeders who wrote this site, the Second Amendment is no longer necessary. Because we live in a secure nation now. (Big Brother will protect us, apparently.) The writers, let’s call them Trayvonizers, apparently don’t realize that the Second Amendment was enacted when the United States was far more secure than it is now and that widespread gun ownership was and is part of the reason for this security. Whatever, increasing the necessity for police involvement would probably be far better. We all know how rarely the police shoot at people, and how racially balanced police violence tends to be. #sarcasm.

The 28th Amendment would levy an additional income tax on gun-owners.

Quoting the Trayvonizers:

An income tax equal to 4% of an individual’s income will be assessed upon all gun owners.  In states which were at any point in time a part of the Confederate States of America, this tax shall be equal to 10% of an individual’s income.  Taxes levied under this amendment shall be appropriated in equal portions to programs to expand Affirmative Action programs and begin to pay reparations to the descendants of African slaves.

That seems fair. Not.

The 28th Amendment would also categorize the NRA as a terrorist organization.

After reading these “common sense” solutions, I wasn’t angry at first. I was just flabbergasted. Who could be this stupid?

I searched for one positive comment on the site. I couldn’t find one. The comments ranged from rabid racism to good-old-boy derision to stunned incredulity. But no one had anything good to say about the 28th Amendment. Then I noticed that the petition for the 28th Amendment had over five hundred signatures. I guessed people were showing their support that way. Nope. That too was just another way people were showing their disapproval. Signatories had names like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and Al Qaeda. I couldn’t find one sincere signature on the petition.

Anyway, go check it out. If nothing else, the Trayvonizers are entertainingly idiotic.