UN: Save the Planet by Not Eating Hamburgers

Our thoughtful and caring overlords at the United Nations want people to stop eating hamburgers. Meat is not only murder; it also causes global warming. Apparently, the agricultural and meat industries are some of the greatest contributors to global warming. So, it stands to reason that if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you need to reduce your “foodprint.” If we can’t eat meat anymore, what’s the alternative that the UN suggests? Eating bugs. The Daily Caller reported:

The head of the United Nations Environmental Program wants people to know about things they can do every day to help push the international body’s environmental agenda.

So what’s one way you can do your part for the environment? Why, not eating hamburgers, of course.

UNEP director Achim Steiner made these comments ahead of World Environment Day, which is apparently different than Earth Day. The U.N. has launched a social media campaign to educate people about how they can reduce their environmental footprint by changing their diets.

For years, the U.N. has been trying to get people to eat less meat from livestock and eat more vegetables (and even insects) because it’s better for the climate — the theory is that reducing meat consumption could lower greenhouse gas emissions and fight global warming.

If we all stopped eating meat, then what are we supposed to do with all the excess cattle? I guess we’re supposed to slaughter all of them. I wonder what PETA would think about that. They’d say that eating meat is murder. But slaughtering millions of cattle to help save us all from manmade global warming is a sacrifice they’d be willing to make.

Eating bugs might be something we should all start getting used to, considering that the UN thinks that bugs are a “sustainable” food source, unlike murderous meat. They’ve got edible insect recipe books out there. Check out this Time magazine column for a few bug recipe ideas.

I have nothing against eating bugs. It’s not something that people in the West are used to, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I just usually think of insects as survival food. Sort of makes you wonder what the UN has up its sleeve.

I’m sure that UN leaders enjoy eating dragonfly larvae and fried tarantula. They’ve all given up on luxury food like hamburgers. I mean, they wouldn’t continue to eat whatever they wanted while telling everyone else to eat grubs, would they?