UN Official Reveals Bias Against Israel and For Hamas in Speech

Barack Obama has proven to be anti-Semitic in all of his dealings with Israel. Once our most trusted ally in the Middle East, Obama has trampled, ridiculed and offended that friendship with Israel.

Barack Obama has also proven that he is more loyal to the United Nations than to the United States. He continues to support the UN in almost everything they do. He readily agrees to allow the UN to supersede the US Constitution and trespass on US soil.

So is it any wonder that officials with the United Nations share Obama’s hatred and scorn for Israel?

Outgoing United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay criticized the UN Security Council for not getting involved in Syria where nearly 200,000 people have been killed. In her speech, she also blamed Israel for the conflict in Gaza and said that Israel should be held to the 1949 Armistice agreement and withdraw from Gaza. She didn’t place any blame on Hamas for the current conflict, much like Obama has failed to do.

Pillay ignores the fact that Hamas has been very vocal about their intentions of removing Israel from the face of the earth and claiming its land. She also ignores the fact that Hamas started the current conflict and were the ones to break the peace agreements by continually launching rockets into Israel. Hamas is the one that hides behind their people, placing them in harm’s way while Israel does not.

Jordan Sekulow, Executive Director at the American Center for Law and Justice and son of founder Jay Sekulow commented about Pillay’s speech, saying:

“And within those words she mentioned the potential war crimes that Israel committed in this latest Operation Protective Edge and did not ever discuss the fact that Hamas has been using and still is using human shields, storing weapons in civilian areas, a list of things that are real war crimes under the Geneva Convention.”

Sekulow went on to say that the only people who are blind to what is really going on in the Middle East are those who are intentionally blind. He is referring to people like Pillay, Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry. They choose to be blind to the truth because they have an agenda and in the case of Obama, that agenda is to help his Hamas linked brother Malik destroy Israel.