The Ugly Truth About Democrat Race Baiting

Campaign advertisements have been surfacing recently aimed at black voters, attempting to use the narrative of Republican racism to scare black voters more firmly into the Democrat camp. It’s just another case of Democrat race baiting.

But when you look closely at the way these advertisements are phrased, you start to realize something: Democrats have an extraordinarily low opinion of black people. As in, Democrat race baiting ironically evinces the most base forms of racism.

I’m not just saying this as a tu quoque response to Democrat race-baiting accusations. Just look at these actual statements from a pro-Democrat advertisement for the Alabama New South Coalition:

Alabama New South Coalition Flyer image

Let that first claim really sink in: “You [black voter] give up your power to change your life and your children’s lives if you don’t vote.” Seriously? So, the only way a black person can change his life and the lives of his children is by voting? Is he that impotent to make any changes for himself? The implication is that black people are entirely and completely dependent on the civil government for the improvement of their lives. Guess what? That’s total rubbish. And Democrats would never say it to white people.

If I want healthcare, I pay for it with my own money. If I want a raise, I don’t ask the civil government for one. I ask my employer. I buy my own food. I pay for my own housing. I never got any school loans, and if I did, I would pay them back myself with help from my family if I needed it. I also get stopped and harassed by police, but voting isn’t going to change that. I don’t ask for unemployment benefits. I never attended public schools and my children don’t either. Et cetera. Voting didn’t make this happen for me. A lack of entitlement did. I’m not willing to ask the civil government for anything. And that gives me greater freedom and greater power.

Do you know what could make a bigger difference to change black voters’ lives? If they got and kept jobs. If they took advantage of the plethora of free home schooling materials and taught their own children. If “baby daddies” became actual fathers, allowing mothers to be actual mothers. If black people rejected welfare assistance and food stamps, and started paying for themselves with their own earnings. If they owned their own homes or paid for their own rent, transforming  their now dilapidated communities with the dignity only the pride of ownership can confer. That’s the change black voters should really be looking for: emancipation from the civil government. They’re not powerless to make changes on their own.

All the other statements from the Democrat race baiting “New South” Coalition are in the same vein. They’re racist to the nth degree. They basically assume that black people have no power at all and no capacity to protect themselves from danger without the civil government. Again, that’s total rubbish. Emancipate yourselves, black voters! You’re better than this, I know it. Unlike Democrats, I honestly believe that black voters can’t possibly be this helpless and this ignorant. Don’t let the racist Democrats continue to pretend like they’re on your team. They’re not. Government isn’t the solution, and you are not your vote. That may be all you are to Democrats. But I know you’re so much more than that.