UGA Sets Behavior Standards for Basketball Team, Angers Liberals

Apparently some people are upset with the University of Georgia (UGA) basketball team coaches for setting standards of behavior for their players. The intrusive, extensive guidelines for life have been called a breach of first and fourth amendment rights. You may think that UGA must have some crazy rules to be getting those kind of accusations. Not so much.

Well, they are crazy rules in one sense. Because everyone should know them. But I don’t really see why anyone is upset at UGA for having or enforcing them. A report written up for CBS Atlanta explains the terrible things UGA is requiring of its basketball players:

. . . “No means no” and “treat women with respect, and “passion marks should not ever be noticed by coaches.” . . . And while some of the more mundane policies at some schools advise students against things such as excessive cell phone use and signing a Twitter agreement with the coach, the University of Georgia policies on personal behavior delve into some bizarre ethical and sexual details:

“You don’t own your girlfriend.”

“Stay out of gray areas, Orgies and gang bangs are inappropriate.”

“Birth control is your responsibility too.”

“Don’t spend all your energy in the bed all night.”

“Hicky’s/passion marks should not ever be noticed by coaches.”

“One. Not two or three girlfriends…”

Why is this bizarre? Seriously. These things should be obvious. UGA is doing its best to promote an environment where basketball players avoid undue drama and scandal, and are able to fulfill their commitments to the team. These are voluntary guidelines. If the players don’t want to agree to them, they can leave the team. This has nothing to do with Constitutional rights. Just say it like this, and you’ll recognize how stupid it is: “The Constitution protects my right to orgies and gangbanging.” No. I don’t think so. “The Constitution protects my right to disrespect women and coerce them into having sex with me.” No again.

I really can’t understand the issue here. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. The only outrage here is that UGA has to state explicitly what should be really obvious to even the least decent member of society. Fifty years ago, can you imagine a coach having to tell his players: “Now, one girlfriend is okay. But two or three is pushing it. And also, you all need to cut back on the orgies and gangbanging while you’re on my team . . .” No.

But that hasn’t kept lawyers and other idiots from criticizing UGA and its policies:

As for the University of Georgia’s guidelines regarding consensual sexual activities, as well as dorm-room inspections, [Howard] Wasserman [a law professor at Florida International University who specializes in sports] called them “patently ridiculous.” The dorm room guideline, for example, asks student-athletes to waive their Fourth Amendment rights concerning unreasonable searches.

“It’s very broad,” Wasserman said. “They can get away with it because the athletes are going to let them get away with it.”

Oh, the horror! If only someone would stand up for their rights!