UC Berkeley SG Bans the Term “Illegal Immigrant”

According to The College Fix: “The UC Berkeley student government has banned the term ‘illegal immigrant’ from its discourse, deeming the phrase racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.”

Once again, we have fallen down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. The student government at UC Berkeley has decided that the term “illegal” is demeaning, and should be banned. I’m not quite sure what banning a word does, other than serve to prove a point. They cannot stop people from uttering the word, nor can they force teachers to berate students who use it in writing. This decision is not based in sensitivity, but on political ideology.

Whether or not the student government knows it, ginning up opposition to the word “illegal” is part of a much larger Liberal political agenda. The student government may believe they are banning the word for reasons of sensitivity, but what they are actually doing is desensitizing Americans to law breaking.

Entering the United States illegally—whoops, sorry, in an undocumented way—is not only unfair to those who wait years to come here legally, but it is also a breach of law. That is a fact. The UC Berkeley student government offers this rebuttal to those who use the term “illegal.”

“The ‘I’ word is legally inaccurate since being out of status is a civil rather than criminal infraction.”

Interesting attempt at a reversal. The student government is now concerned with legality? It seems they are only truly concerned with legality when discussing the words used to describe those who broke the law, rather than when talking about those who did the law breaking. In addition, claiming that the word “illegal” is inaccurate because entering the country without going through proper channels is a civil rather than a criminal offense is really quite facetious.

This entire argument regarding the use of the term “illegal” is nothing more than the beginning of the attempt to grant amnesty. The people must be softened prior to a big change. If the Left can convince Americans that the term “illegal” is mean and offensive, they can begin to convince us of many other things. It starts with banning “illegal,” and it ends with amnesty.

The illegal immigration fight is a mirror of what the Left did with abortion. They began to shift the abortion debate from the actual procedure of tearing infants apart in the womb to women’s health and women’s rights. After years of softening the topic by shifting the focus, Americans were all too willing to accept abortion as a fundamental right for women.

The Left is insidious and slow moving. What seems trivial will evolve into something that cannot be stopped. Amnesty is their next agenda, and it starts with words.