U.S. Weapons Ending up in ISIS Hands

The weapons that we donated to the Iraqi forces have already somehow ended up in the hands of militant Islamic (is that a redundancy?) groups.

Liberals are weird. On one hand, they’ll enact and push for ridiculously stringent gun laws that are aimed at making sure guns won’t end up in the “wrong hands.” It’s becoming more and more difficult to “legally” purchase a firearm in our own country where we have a Constitution that acknowledges the right to bear arms as a fundamental human right that cannot be taken away.

On the other hand, they’ll hand out heavy weaponry like welfare checks to people in the Middle East, knowing that they’ll end up in the hands of terrorists, people whom they claim to be opposed to.

I don’t think they’re opposed to ISIS though. I think they wanted those weapons to end up in terrorists’ hands so that those terrorist organizations would continue to wreak havoc in the Middle East, killing, raping, or otherwise driving people from their homes, many of whom are Christians. Essentially doing the U.S. government’s work for them.

Breitbart reported:

Some of the weapons recently supplied to the Iraqi forces by U.S. taxpayers have already ended up in the hands of Islamic State jihadist, reports The New York Times.   

That is a testament of the entrenched corruption in Iraq’s military that threatens to undermine U.S. efforts against the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS and ISIL).  

In its 2015 budget, the Pentagon has requested $1.3 billion for Iraqi military weapons.   

“But some of the weaponry recently supplied by the army has already ended up on the black market and in the hands of Islamic State fighters, according to Iraqi officers and lawmakers. American officials directed questions to the Iraqi government,” reports the Times.  

“I told the Americans, don’t give any weapons through the army — not even one piece — because corruption is everywhere, and you will not see any of it,” Col. Shaaban al-Obeidi of the internal Iraqi security forces, told the Times. “Our people will steal it.” 

President Obama has requested an additional 1,500 U.S. troops for the “advise and assist” mission in Iraq. Those soldiers will nearly double the number already there.  

“Reducing corruption is not part of the advisers’ role,” one American official involved in the effort told the Times, “and there is no reason to believe that advisers’ presence will reduce corruption.” 

Nevertheless, Iraq war veterans told the Times that advisers could work with Iraqi forces to reduce “the military’s troubles with kickbacks, inflated payrolls and other graft.”

While Breitbart attributes this to the “entrenched corruption in Iraq’s military,” I think the underlying problem here is that we’re so quick to ship arms to foreign countries and their militaries. This has been going on for decades with lasting and detrimental consequences. Think Osama bin Laden and the Mujahedeen that we helped out in the late 70’s. You’d think that the brilliant foreign policy makers in D.C. would know what would happen if we continued to supply arms to foreign countries with such close proximity to terrorist organizations. But they continue to do so, knowing full well that the arms would end up in the wrong hands, and then play dumb when it becomes known that jihadists ended up with U.S. weapons.