U.S. District Judge Overturns Baton Rouge Bar Gun Ban

You talk to most liberals, and they’ll tell you that guns and alcohol just don’t mix. Perhaps they don’t. But I don’t think that allowing armed patrons to enter a bar or a restaurant that serves alcohol would necessarily lead to a blood bath, which is what liberals want to happen so they can justify more gun control.

In Louisiana, you can get a strawberry daiquiri – an alcoholic beverage – in a drive-thru. You can legally drink and drive as long as the alcoholic drink is a frozen one.

But in Baton Rouge, not only are you not allowed to bring a concealed gun into a bar or a restaurant or other business that sells alcohol – like a grocery store – you’re not allowed to have the guns in your car in the parking lots of those establishments.

That was the law, until a U.S. District Judge shot it down. Here’s Breitbart:

On August 25 Chief U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson issued an order striking down a Baton Rouge ordinance banning guns in bars and in the parking lots of bars, including other places that sell alcohol, like “restaurants and grocery stores.”

The decision was the result of a case brought by Ernest Taylor, who was “pulled over around 1:30 a.m. October 13, 2012,” and arrested for having two rifles in his car while in the Romeo’s Lounge parking lot. 

According to The Times-Picayune, Taylor was told he was in violation of a “new law” which barred the possession of firearms in or around a business that sells alcohol. The rifles were taken from him.

On August 25 Judge Jackson not only struck down the ordinance against guns in bars and parking lots of establishments that sell alcohol but also ordered the rifles returned to Taylor along with “monetary damages.” The amount Taylor will receive is to be decided in another hearing. 

Jackson “permanently barred the city, police chief, city attorneys, and arresting officers from enforcing the ordinance in the future.”

Liberals are always going to claim that this kind of allowance for gun owners will lead to more violence. Virginia passed a bill a few years ago allowing concealed carry in bars and restaurants, and surprisingly (or not surprisingly), nothing turned into the Wild West, as much as the gun-grabbers wanted that to happen. In fact, in the first year after the bill’s effective date, crimes committed at bars and restaurants went down:

“The number of major crimes involving firearms at bars and restaurants statewide declined 5.2 percent from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011, compared with the fiscal year before the law went into effect, according to crime data compiled by Virginia State Police at the newspaper’s request…. A total of 145 reported crimes with guns occurred in Virginia bars and restaurants in fiscal 2010-11, or eight fewer than the 153 incidents in fiscal 2009-10. State police track all murders, non-negligent manslaughters, aggravated assaults, forcible sex crimes and robberies in more than two dozen categories, including ‘bars/nightclubs’ and ‘restaurants.’”

Granted, it didn’t plummet, but it still declined. And the analysis also indicated that the crimes that did occur were relatively minor, and most didn’t even involve gun owners with concealed carry permits.