Typical Of Sore Loser Gore: He Goes Jihadi On America

Holy Molly… to think this guy could have been our President. Americans will now have the Islamic version of Tokyo Rose a click away thanks to the washed up ideologue, Al Gore. Thanks Albert. Makes you wonder who voted for this traitor. Probably the same people who believed John Edwards was a standup guy before he stepped out on his dying wife to knock up his personal biographer. Oh brother.

In all seriousness,  al “Gore” Jazeera is pretty pumped up about their new venture in American broadcasting. As a matter of fact, they are already gunning for Fox News and MSNBC. In a piece published on January 5 at www.aljazeera.com titled “Welcome to America, Al Jazeera” the formerly ”blacklisted” Arab propaganda machine blasts American cable T.V. journalism as “starved for real news about what’s going on in the world around them and plagued by a surfeit of gossip, celebrity doings and opinionated bloviators from both the right and left.” It goes on to brag about its future “foothold in two crucial American marketplaces—that of commerce, and of course, but also ideas.”

And to think that a Glenn Beck purchase of the money hemorrhaging Gore owned “Current T.V.” was troubling to the former visionary of the internet turned eco-Nazi. It must be nice to walk away with $100 million profit from a failed cable news network that brought us a former dating game contestant turned Michigan Governor (Jennifer Granholm)and a deposed N.Y. governor turned prostitution John (Eliott Spitzer)as bastions of Al Gore journalism. I’ll miss the constant re-runs exposing narco-terrorism being committed by the U.S. border patrol. Please!

Al Jazeera is ecstatic about their opportunity “in making an impact in the increasingly dismal U.S. cable news environment.” Makes you wonder doesn’t it? I can stop envisioning Megan Kelly in a burka and Rachael Maalox—my pet name for this MSNBC scholar— citing passages from the Quran. Kind of takes all the fun out of “bloviating” don’t you think? Perhaps Iran’s Ahmadinejad will guest host a Sunday morning talk show? Well it beats George Stephanopoulos pretending to be straight any day.

Honestly I’m looking forward to the head to head they are going to get from me. My Islam phobic tendencies are no great secret. Not to mention the over the top gay bashing that is soon to occur at Al Jazeera. The “terror network”—as I like to refer to them—will surely be a needed addition to my nightly viewing along with my dedication to the Tavis Smiley Show and Al Sharpton’s “Politics Nation.” I wonder how Rachael Maalox is going to react to all this new Islamic competition. Maybe she will go straight and convert to Islam? Couldn’t think of anybody I rather see with her face concealed and strapped into a suicide vest.

America, please remember that these guys at al Jazeera are dangerous propagandists and they are huge fans of President Obama. They do not like America, capitalism or any other religion but Islam, period. They have been known to air messages from al-Qaeda and they have terrorist ties. This is history making stuff coming to America, but I can’t say I’m surprised. After all $500 million dollars of terrorist money buys White House access, why shouldn’t Islamists be entitled to their own American broadcast network too?

I wonder how liberals will feel about T.V. now that suicide bombers, bigotry and Muslim brothers the world over will now be glorified on U.S. cable in adherence to our fine traditions of freedom of the radical press. Thanks Al. Enjoy your money you traitor. This too will not be forgotten.