TX Principal Fired for Encouraging Students to Speak English

When I went to school, every student was required to speak English. There were a number of Hispanic students who struggled with English, but they were still required to do all of their school work and speak English. There was no special treatment given to them. To be fair, we also had students from Japan, China, Vietnam, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden that I know of and they were also required to speak and work in English.

Things have changed and just suggesting that students speak English can get an educator fired as in the case of Amy Lacey, former principal of Hempstead Middle School, about 50 miles northwest of Houston.

Last year, Lacey was trying to help prepare students at the school for their upcoming Texas state tests. She recommended that the students speak English as the tests were in English. She was not being racist or doing anything wrong, but that didn’t stop some liberal from blowing this all out of proportion and costing Lacey her job. In November 2013, she was placed on administrative leave and then fired not long after.

Now that a gag order has expired, Lacey is speaking out and telling her side of what took place. She wrote a statement to the media which reads:

“I informed students it would be best to speak English in the classrooms to the extent possible, in order to help prepare them for [state] tests. It is important to note that I did not ban the use of Spanish anywhere in the school or at any time, even though teachers had reported to me that they had experienced instances in which students had been asked to stop talking during instruction, and they responded that it was their right to speak Spanish — ignoring the fact that they shouldn’t have been speaking [in any language] during class without permission. The perception of the teachers was that students were being disrespectful and disrupting learning, and they believed they could get away with it by claiming racism.”

“Even so, I did not suggest that there would be any adverse consequences for any student speaking Spanish at any time. I merely encouraged students to speak English in classrooms by advising them that it would be to their advantage to do so especially with regard to state testing. English language immersion is an accepted best-practice teaching strategy, and Hempstead ISD board policy provides for its practice.”

“I think the public needs to know that in public education there are only one or two district personnel designated to talk to media, so any teachers that would have liked to speak on my behalf were not allowed without risking their job status.”

Lacey was unfairly charged, tried, convicted and fired without the facts being known. This is typical treatment by liberals who demand their way or no way and will stop at nothing, even gross distortions of the truth in order to accomplish their agenda.

But what upsets me the most if that this is America and the official language is English. If Hispanics insist on speaking their language and not learning ours then they need to get their things packed up and go back to their own country. But liberal Democrats have catered to Hispanics, legal and illegal, for years in order to win their votes. Some years back, both Arizona and California voters overwhelmingly passed English only laws, but a few liberal judges ruled them unconstitutional.

If you move down to Mexico or any other Spanish speaking country in Central and South America, you will be expected to learn the language if you want to survive, but not here in America. Local, state and federal governments spend millions of taxpayer dollars printing every in English and Spanish because so many Latinos are too lazy to learn our language. I’ve known third generation Mexicans who still spoke very little English because they just didn’t care to learn and the government printed everything out in Spanish for them.

Our Founding Fathers made English the official language of the new nation, but two hundred years later, we have allowed foreigners to come here and force their language on us, instead of the other way around, and I for one am fed up with it.