Two Texas Concealed Carriers Shoot and Kill Their Attackers

They say, “Don’t mess with Texas.” Two separate incidents in Houston that happened within 12 hours of each other show the importance of carrying a gun for self-defense.

In one case, around 8:30 in the morning, an employee at Ruiz Cash ’n Carry was opening up for the day. He was unlocking the front door to the store when a guy came up behind him, put a gun to the employee’s head and demanded that he turn over the bag that he had in his hand. Perhaps the robber thought the employee had money in the bag, but all he had was his medication. The bag helped to conceal the worker’s handgun, which he promptly drew before he turned around. He shot the guy in the chest a few times. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

In the other case, which happened less than 12 hours before the one at Ruiz Cash ‘n Carry, a couple guys approached another man sitting in his car and asked him for a ride. It was around 10:00 at night. When the man in the car declined, the two left but then returned and put a gun the man’s head, demanded that he get out and kneel behind the car. The man complied, but when the two guys got in his car, he got up from behind the car and shot one of the carjackers who died at the scene. Unfortunately, the other one ran off.



Thankfully, in both cases, the victims were able to protect themselves with their firearms even though their attackers were armed as well. These attackers meant to do harm to their victims, but now two of them are dead and know better.