Two Teens to Blame Causing California Fires; Governor Brown Blames “Climate Change”

Doesn’t he know the difference between climate and weather? You can’t take local weather events (or things pertaining to weather, like wildfires) and extrapolate that the rest of the globe must be enduring the same phenomena.

Actually, I take that back. You can take a local event like hot weather (or cold weather, tornados, thunderstorms, floods, gluten intolerance, earthquakes) and use it as “evidence” of global warming. But you’re not allowed to use counterexamples as evidence that global warming isn’t happening. That’s what’s not allowed.

So, as long as you’re arguing for the existence of global warming, then anything can be used to “prove” its existence. But if you’re one of those infidels who questions the dogma released by the Church of Climatology, then you’re not allowed to bring forward local or even global examples showing a cooling trend or otherwise non-warming.

As Governor Jerry Brown was blaming the fires on “climate change,” (and probably, by extension, the Tea Party), the Escondido County Police Department was blaming the fires on two teens they had in custody. Breitbart reported:

On Thursday, Governor Jerry Brown asserted that it is settled that climate change is a factor in the wildfires now devastating parts of San Diego County. Brown’s comments come at the same time that the Escondido Polilce Department reported that two suspects, an adult and a juvenile, have been arrested in connection with intentionally starting the fire.

According to a story in the U-T San Diego, the governor opined, “Despite what you may hear in Washington, climate change is a factor… This is not about theory. It’s not about politics. This is about fires on the ground, people’s homes.”

When Governor Brown was asked about the suspects, he responded by saying, “I do know that people do stupid things. They throw a cigarette butt out of a car…” Moreover, Brown admitted, “If someone really wants to intentionally create fires it’s unfortunately, tragically, a very easy task.”

Brown, a staunch advocate of climate change theory, recently confirmed that Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is in danger of being overwhelmed by floods due to global warming.

Brown further remarked that “we just hope and pray that a little more cold weather comes along and we have the equipment… The federal government doesn’t have as many of these tanker planes that can drop the water and chemicals we need.”

Pray? To whom or what? Doesn’t he know anything about the separation of church and state? He has a right to be religious, but he needs to keep that completely out of the public eye. Referring to religious things such as prayer is extremely offensive to our dear Atheist brethren, especially coming from such a high profile politician like the governor of a large state. He should be impeached for demolishing that sacred wall of separation.

And as for those “science-deniers” who work as investigators over at the Escondido County PD (who are probably secretly working with the Koch brothers), they should be promptly fired and imprisoned for criminal negligence.