Two Drunk Senior Secret Service Agents Run Over Suspected Bomb, Barge Through White House Barricade

And the worst part about this incident where two drunk senior Secret Service agents barged through a White House barricade during a bomb investigation is that they were allowed to just go home afterwards. No charges were filed, and they barely even got a slap on the wrist for drunk driving and causing whatever damage happened as a result.

It all started when some crazy woman pulled up near one of the White House entrances and dropped a green shirt-covered object and yelled to a Secret Service agent that it was a bomb. Then she ran back to her car to drive off, but the agent chased after her and opened the passenger side door. He ordered her to get out of the car, but she put it in reverse and ended up hitting the agent with the door. He was able to put the car in park for a very brief moment before the woman put it in drive and sped off, again hitting the agent.

They had to initiate a bomb investigation to find out what the suspicious object was that the woman deposited on the road. They had the area cordoned off. And that’s when two senior ranking Secret Service agents who had just been out on the town drinking in Chinatown, came pummeling through the police tape and through the barricade and either ran right over the suspicious object or drove very closely next to it. One of those agents was Marc Connolly, the second-in-command on President Obama’s detail. The other was George Ogilvie, who had ironically stated last year as spokesman for the agency, that they had a strict “zero tolerance” policy against drinking on the job.

I suppose they weren’t technically “on the job.” But, come on. You don’t have to be “on the job” in order to go to jail for driving under the influence and then fired from your day job as a result. But if you’re a government employee, don’t worry. They’ve got your back.

There were a couple of Secret Service agents on duty during this bomb investigation when the other two officers drove through the barricade. They wanted to arrest these guys. But there was an order that came from higher up to not even give them breathalyzer tests and to send them on their way home instead.

As punishment, both agents involved in the incident were placed in “non-supervisory, non-operational” positions, pending an investigation.

As for the crazy lady with the “shirt bomb,” she’s going to prison I’m sure for a long time for assault with a dangerous weapon (her vehicle). And no, there was no bomb. Apparently, it was just a book. And she had a history with the Secret Service.