Two Cheers for Michael Moore On Sandy Hook Pictures

Michael Moore ranted about guns. It must be Thursday.

Moore’s faith in the Federal Government to protect and watch over society with its required security apparatus knows no bounds. His willingness to embrace the absurdity of armed bureaucracy bringing peace to a population is wondrous to behold. Yet there were a couple of points he made in this piece of NRA libel about which I would like to state publicly that I strongly agree.

First, I strongly agree with Michael Moore that we need to release the Sandy Hook pictures. And while they publish the pictures, how about all other aspects of the investigation? It is a travesty that the investigation has remained and still is a state secret. Why are we being kept in the dark, even while claiming that Sandy Hook justifies all sorts of unconstitutional legislative changes?

By the way, even though Michael has reason to focus on the corpses he wants us to view, a lot of other stuff is missing. We never were even shown a picture of the shot-up entranceway into the Elementary School. Someone found it flashed by on a video and posted the picture eventually, but that didn’t come from the mainstream news. Couldn’t we at least see a picture of some bullet marks in the walls? If you use google image search for words like crime scene columbine or Clebold and Harris, you will find some pretty gruesome pictures. Why is Sandy Hook being treated so differently?

Second, I agree that pictures ought to be shown to get people to act. Moore, in a fit of accusatory self-righteousness, pretends that the NRA somehow executed the shooting—as if they put Adam Lanza into some kind of MK-ULTRA program to make him go kill strangers he’d never seen before.

But the right to bear arms no more caused those homicides than the right to drive cars caused last year’s vehicular homicides. There is no cause and effect to be revealed in the images of dead children. What will happen if the pictures are published? I think we would see more of what we are already seeing in response to the killings in a “gun free zone.” We would see more guns disappearing off the shelves. We would see the price of ammunition go up even higher. We would see even more people join the NRA, just as has happened since the massacre on December 14.

But if we’re going to publish the images of dead children from a private citizens, how about some pictures of the pile of dead bodies left behind by our loving civil servants? It wasn’t a result of current laws allowing firearm ownership that moved all those weapons from the US to the Mexican drug cartel. I would love to post video collections of how cops treat the unarmed law-abiding citizens who cross their paths, but I have yet to find one that beeps out the cops’ filthy language. (If you can stomach that sort of thing, try this video for a start). Granted, those aren’t dead bodies, but it still shows how unsafe it is to have a class of monopoly gun carriers.

But if you want to see dead bodies, nothing is as vivid as to see our government’s agents raising their flag over the ashes of women and children. If images are so powerful, why haven’t these changed a thing about our government and the way it operates?