Two Armed Thugs Hold Teen at Gunpoint; Dad Kills One, Injures the Other

A couple nights ago in a St. Louis, Missouri neighborhood, a 17-year-old girl went outside to retrieve something from her car. She was then confronted by two armed men who ordered her back in the house.

As they escorted her back, one of the men held a gun to her head. Peering out the window, the girl’s dad saw what was going on and grabbed his gun. The mom did as well, and they both shot at the two armed men.

Apparently, the mother wasn’t a good shot, since she missed both targets. The dad, however, hit both of them, killing one instantly and hitting the other in the chest and thighs. The injured one managed to run off and get in his newly deceased fellow bandit’s vehicle where he called his brother to come and take him to the hospital. He’s still alive now and is facing charges.

Once again, it’s these types of stories that will forever be relegated to the local media. The only ones that are allowed to get national attention are those where the murderers are white and drugged up on some anti-depressant cocktail while carrying “assault rifles” with “high-capacity” magazines. The media really love it when the “crazed lone gunman” conveniently leaves a “manifesto” describing how he hated the government, believed in conspiracy theories, voted for Ron Paul, was pro-life, owned a Gadsden flag, was a known member of a local neo-Nazi meetup group, posted racist comments on right-wing racist blogs, and supported the 2nd and 4th Amendments. Those are the ones that get all the attention.

But a father defending his daughter from two armed thugs by shooting a gun at them? That’s just a local story.