TSA Saves America By Disarming Sock Monkey Of 2 Inch Toy Gun

Ever Since the TSA was put in place, we have heard of countless tales of heroism where they have saved one planeload of people after another.  They’ve conducted countless body searches on hundreds of suspected terrorists disguised as young children, nuns, handicapped, injured war veterans and elderly people in their 90s.  TSA agents have rifled through millions of pieces of luggage confiscating would be weapons such as cameras, jewelry, cell phones money and other valuables.

Yet the TSA agents in St. Louis, Missouri may go down in history as being the most heroic in that they disarmed one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists and they did it without firing a shot.  The terrorist’s name is Rooster Monkburn and according to the TSA agents on hand, he was armed with a gun and considered dangerous.

Phyllis May was travelling back to her home in Washington state when she went through the security checkpoint.  With May was Monkburn, a toy sock monkey dressed like a cowboy.  In his holster was a toy gun that measured a whopping 2 inches in length.  May recounts the Harrowing experience that took place at the security station.

“[The agent] said ‘this is a gun.’  I said no, it’s not a gun it’s a prop for my monkey.”

May has a small business making sock monkeys for sale.  In the case of Rooster Monkburn, she named it after John Wayne’s character Rooster Cogburn from the movie True Grit.

Along with Monkburn, May carried her sewing kit in her carryon luggage.  TSA agents didn’t take kindly to the sewing kit either since it contained deadly sewing needles.  At one stage in the terrorist standoff between TSA and May, along with Monkburn, the agents confiscated her sewing kit and told her that they were going to call the police.  According to reports, TSA never called the police and they eventually returned May’s sewing kit to her and allowed her to pass security and board her plane for home.  However, Monkburn’s gun was confiscated and not returned to him.  He was also allowed to pass on through security and board the plane with May.  She commented about the ordeal, saying:

“Rooster Monkburn has been disarmed so I’m sure everyone on the plane was safe.  I understand [the TSA agent] was doing her job but at some point doesn’t common sense prevail?”

This is just one more example of the complete uselessness of the TSA.  They are a complete waste of taxpayer money and I agree with politicians like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) who believes the TSA should be eliminated. If they keep performing stupid and asinine things like disarming sock monkeys, perhaps someday the TSA will be a thing of the past and go into history as one of the nation’s costly failures.