TSA Refuses to Allow Stroke Victim to Board Plane Cause She Can’t Speak

Are TSA agents trying to play God?  Last year they ordered a legless Marine veteran to stand up and walk.  Now they are demanding the mute to speak.

Heidi and Sherry Wright had purchased their airline tickets to fly from Los Angeles to Phoenix.  They arrived at the airport and got in line to go through security.  When it was their turn, Heidi produced her photo ID which happened to be an expired driver’s license to the TSA agent.  The agent saw that the license had expired and began asking Heidi about it, but she did not respond.

Sherry Wright, Heidi’s sister began to explain to the TSA agent that her sister had a stroke ten years ago and could not speak or write since then.  Sherry produced her sister’s Social Security card and her DMV papers, but the agent continued to demand that Heidi tell him herself, but all Heidi could do was to sit there in her wheelchair and look at the agent.

Sherry told a local news station:

“I showed [Heidi’s] ID, her [Social Security card] and her DMV papers. He just wanted me to make my sister talk, and I couldn’t believe it.”

“I was just standing there, tears were coming out and I was like, ‘Are you serious? We can’t get her to talk.’”

Because Heidi had an expired driver’s license and would not personally respond to him, the two sisters were denied access through security and ended up taking an eight hour bus ride to Phoenix.  They were not allowed to utilize their airline tickets, but had to spend more money for the bus trip.

TSA spokesperson, Nico Melendez told the local news in Los Angeles:

“I think it could have been handled differently by the TSA and it probably could have been handled differently by the family, and hopefully moving forward the family won’t have this problem again, because they know about the programs that we have in place.”

So how successful has TSA been in protecting Americans?  They have yet to prevent 1 terrorist from boarding an airplane since their inception.  However, they did allow an undercover TSA agent with a bomb in his pants to pass through two security screenings at the Newark Airport.  But they did manage to disarm a dangerous sock monkey that was carrying a two inch long toy gun.  And let’s not forget that they were told NOT to screen or pat down members of the Muslim Brotherhood at the Minneapolis airport, John F. Kennedy airport and Dulles airport.

It seems TSA agents are better suited to insulting, embarrassing and molesting airline passengers than they are at protecting us against terrorists.  Earlier this year, a TSA agent called out to her boss that a man was wearing a diaper and had wet himself.  The man was incontinent because of his prostate cancer, but rather than be sympathetic, the female agent announced it to everyone around.

They have conducted physical pat downs and gropings of young girls, mothers and senior citizens.  One woman reported that a TSA agent had revealed her breasts during a pat down.  And there was Michelle Dunaj who was dying of leukemia and making an end of life flight when TSA agents in Seattle insisted on reaching up her skirt because of her tubes and IVs, even though she had previously contacted TSA before her flight.

TSA is costing taxpayers millions of dollars every year for what?  They’ve existed for over ten years and have proven they are worthless, humiliating and are more successful at stealing from passengers than protecting America.  I say it’s time for them to disappear.