TSA Pats Down 2-Year-Old Potential Terrorist

It’s not clear how old this video is. The TSA have allegedly stopped patting down those under 12. So, if this is a recent video, then they’re clearly violating their own rules. If it’s older than it appears, then hopefully they’ve stopped these more ridiculous practices by now.

Believe it or not, there actually are those who defend these procedures, because “you never know,” kids even 2 years of age can be used to transport bad things, and these TSA officers are just doing their jobs to make sure even the kids aren’t hiding anything.

The mother was apparently on some “watch list,” and so agents had to screen her two kids, a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old. They were also both tested for explosive residue.

Yes, it’s possible for a terrorist to use his or her kids to transport explosives or weapons. But it’s probably a lot more likely that a terrorist would infiltrate the TSA. Are these TSA agents given full cavity searches each and every day when they show up for work “just in case”? And we know how easy it is to bribe TSA agents into letting explosives, drugs and other contraband through security. So, in addition to the cavity searches, they should also be subjected to daily lie detector tests to make sure they aren’t working with any terrorists to get illegal materials through the airport.

But they won’t do any of those things, because they would be too intrusive. It would be a blatant violation their civil liberties protected by the 4th Amendment.