TSA Ordered Not To Pat Down Or Screen Members Of Muslim Brotherhood

If you ask the average American on the street what he thinks of the TSA, he might respond with something like this:  “The TSA’s security procedures might be mildly inconvenient and uncomfortable, but they’re a small price to pay for national security and the prevention of terrorism.”

If they’re really trying to prevent terrorist acts, then why don’t they screen people who are known members of a terrorist organization? Documents released under a Freedom of Information Act request show that the State Department ordered Homeland Security and the TSA not to pat down or subject to a secondary screening any member of the Muslim Brotherhood when they came to the United States in 2012. According to InfoWars:

 The one page document (PDF), obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, shows that members of a Muslim Brotherhood delegation traveling through Minneapolis Airport, New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport and Dulles Airport were handed expedited entry known as “port courtesy,” which is normally reserved for high ranking government officials and dignitaries. At the time, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Morsi, later deposed, had not been elected president.

The document contains four separate entries which include a directive that Muslim Brotherhood members, “not be pulled into secondary upon arrival at a point of entry.” As well as a TSA pat down, secondary screening involves carry on luggage being inspected by hand and the use of puffer explosive detectors.

Two following entries confirm that Muslim Brotherhood members traveled through both JFK and Dulles Airports “smoothly” and “without incident” after the DHS had been alerted about “port courtesies”.

Here’s an excerpt from the document:

 “MB delegate departure: In response to a request from the MB [Muslim Brotherhood], the desk worked with the office of Foreign Missions to arrange for TSA to escort the last member of the visiting MB delegation, Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, through security at Minneapolis Airport and JFK Airport on April 15. We did not hear anything further from the MB, so we assume the departure went smoothly. In the coming days, we’re going to write down a list of procedures for dealing with MB visits to the United States.”

Tell me how in the world this jives with “keeping America safe from terrorists” when they treat members of a terrorist organization on par with high-profile government officials and dignitaries and everyday American travelers like high-profile criminals. It sounds more like they’re keeping America safe for terrorists.