TSA Boasts: Over 600 Million False Positives in 2013

I know we’re supposed to be impressed with these large numbers. But I have to admit they don’t affect me at all, except to induce a sigh and an eye-roll.

From the TSA’s blog:

Every day, Transportation Security Officers interact with nearly two million travelers across the United States with a single goal in mind – ensuring the safety of the traveling public. TSA had a busy year in 2013, screening 638,705,790 passengers in 2013 (over 1,700,000 per day), which is 1,123,668 more passengers than last year. 

And this is supposed to be a good thing? That they’ve treated that many people like criminals and herded them like cattle? We’re supposed to rejoice at the TSA’s success? Wait, how many terrorists have they caught from these “screenings?” Oh, that’s right:  0. And that’s not just last year. They’ve caught a total of 0 terrorists ever since the TSA was born.

The part where the TSA really wants us to pat them on the back (careful how you pat them, because they might charge you with sexual assault) is the number of guns (gasp!) that they confiscated last year from criminal passengers:

We wanted to share with you examples of the continued vigilance of TSA officers in protecting our nation’s transportation systems, including some of the most unusual items TSA caught at the checkpoints this year. 

1,813 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country, averaging nearly five firearms per day. Of those, 1,477 (81%) were loaded. Firearms were intercepted at a total of 205 airports with Atlanta (ATL) on top of the list for the most firearms intercepted (111) in 2013. 

There was a 16.5% increase (257) in firearm discoveries from last year’s total of 1,556.

Now, many of you will likely say something like this:  “I support the 2nd Amendment and all, but these people should have known better than to try to bring a gun on board a plane.” Maybe so. But see, that just shows that we’ve accepted the fact that we have so many 2nd Amendment-free zones in this country. So many of us have been conditioned into believing that it really is wrong to bring a gun aboard a plane. Just like it really is wrong to bring a gun into a theater or a government school. Your home, sure, and maybe your car, but guns shouldn’t be allowed anywhere else. The 2nd Amendment after all isn’t an absolute right. It’s subject to many restrictions and “clarifications.”

It reminds me of what a cop told me one time. He thought that random police checkpoints were a great idea because of how many illegal things, including guns, that they yield. And I’m sure they touted those numbers for all to see so that everyone knew how “successful” they were.

The TSA didn’t mention if any of these gun-owners were found to be terrorists or people with criminal intent. The blog also conveniently left out how many TSA agents have been caught stealing other people’s valuables, or helping to traffic drugs, guns and explosives.