TSA Allows Gun, Knife, Scissors, and Box Cutters Through Security

It’s a joke that they call this “security.” One guy forgot about his handgun in his carry-on bag. But the TSA didn’t see it. It was even in the front pocket:

But maybe that was just an oversight. Obviously, the TSA have been trying to repair their image after that recent undercover operation found that the TSA have a 95% failure rate. Surely, by now they’ve learned their lesson, right?

A team of four from NBC News decided to conduct their own undercover operation. They tried to smuggle a couple Swiss Army knives, a long pair of scissors, and box cutters through TSA security at four different airports around the country. Three out of four times, they were able to get through security with no problems. In other words, the TSA either didn’t see the weapons, or they saw them and didn’t care:

If they had been able to do more like ten airports instead of only four, they probably would have gotten their weapons through eight or nine times. It seems the few times that the TSA actually detect a weapon and confiscate it are the “oversights.” They’re the exceptions to the rule.

The TSA flaunt how many weapons including guns they actually do confiscate. But considering their abysmal failure rate, just think of how many weapons they overlook that end up getting on a plane. It probably happens all the time.

If they’re actually concerned with safety and security, then they should only hire the best and most qualified. The fact that they hire mostly people with questionable-at-best characters with little or no qualifications shows how much they really care. But hey, at least they “created jobs.”