TSA Agents Caught Trafficking 11 Pounds Of Cocaine

If you choose to travel by air this Thanksgiving and Christmas, one of the perks is that you get to deal with the TSA. Admittedly, the last couple times I flew, I was not harassed by them. I didn’t have to go through the naked scanner, and I didn’t have to be patted down. I think their scanner was down, so everyone was going through the metal detector. To this date, I have not had to be subjected to an invasive pat down. I’m still waiting. Of course, I really don’t fly all that much.

But I know people are groped by agents all the time. I have friends and family who fly more often that I do, and they all have stories. If it happens to you this year, restrain yourself from making comments or snide remarks about their security theater. They might lock you up for that.

The TSA view themselves as a victim class. They’re often the brunt of jokes because of their phony security protocols from arresting people over all-natural peanut butter to humiliating disabled veterans, grandmothers, toddlers and everyone else. So I think they deserve the scorn they receive. If they can’t handle it, then they should quit their job.

Their job isn’t about national security. Most people recognize that. The TSA is a good example of what happens when a government tries to “create jobs.” You end up with a bunch of brainless bureaucrats with badges.

It really is a wonder that we haven’t had to sustain another terrorist attack since the TSA was created. The fact that we haven’t has nothing to do with TSA security measures. It is in spite of their practices. That and the sheer grace of God.

TSA agents will do anything as long as they’re offered enough money to do it. They’ve been paid in the past to get weapons, explosives and drugs through security. During most of 2012, one TSA supervisor from the Virgin Islands helped traffic at least 11 pounds of cocaine throughout the U.S.:

Former TSA Supervisor Dwight Iva Durant, 44, and Shawn Dowe, 29, both of the Virgin Islands, were charged with participating in a trafficking conspiracy, according to Wilfredo Ferrer, U.S. attorney for southern Florida. Each defendant faces a mandatory sentence of 10 years to life in prison, if convicted.

The TSA said Durant no longer works for the agency and that agency officials and the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General cooperated in his investigation and apprehension. “The Transportation Security Administration has zero tolerance for unethical behavior in the workplace,” the agency said in a statement.

The indictment was unsealed Nov. 19, after being filed Nov. 14 – the same day a trial began in St. Thomas for several baggage handlers at Cyril King Airport, according to court records. The baggage handlers were charged with smuggling drugs in luggage marked with colorful scarves for delivery to recipients in Miami and New York throughout most of 2012, according to their indictment.

I got a laugh out of the TSA’s statement that they have “zero tolerance for unethical behavior in the workplace.” The very nature of their job is to behave unethically with passengers.

So, it really is a wonder that we haven’t experienced some massive terrorist attack. What if that cocaine were explosives, and these agents were being paid to let them go through? If we do have another terrorist attack similar to 9/11, it will most likely involve paid-off TSA agents. But expect the political “solution” to be that the TSA needs more money and more power. That always fixes things.