Trucker Pulls Cop Over for Speeding and Talking on His Cellphone While Driving

The trucker, who was reportedly cruising at 65, saw a cop fly past him on the highway. The cop was also on his cellphone. As the trucker noted, it had just rained, and the road was still wet.

So, the trucker honked his horn until the cop noticed and pulled the truck over to find out why he was honking his horn. The trucker explained that the cop was speeding and talking on his cell, all on the wet road, which constitutes reckless driving. Initially, the cop ignored the speeding charge and was going to ticket the trucker for “unlawful use of horn.” But when he realized he was on the trucker’s camera, he changed his tune:

I dislike speeding laws as much as the next guy. But police claim the reason they pull people over for speeding is for safety. If you’re speeding, you’re endangering other people, they say. If that’s really the case, then police should at least pretend to believe it themselves. The cop in this case didn’t even know how fast he was going, because he wasn’t paying attention. At least he was honest.