Trayvon Martin Controversy: Halloween Edition

A young woman on Facebook posted a picture of her posing with her two friends, the three of them donning their Halloween costumes. Her two friends’ costumes, a collaborative effort, caused a controversy on some social-media sites.

Friend 1 appears to be of Hispanic descent and his costume consists simply of a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt with the words “NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH” printed in white letters on the front. Know where this is going?

Friend 2’s costume is a pair of jeans, a gray hooded sweatshirt with a large blood splatter in the center, and blackface.

That’s right: the Trayvon-Zimmerman Saga is back.

The Facebook comments range from indifferent attitudes to expressions of great delight. But on Tumblr, owned, operated, and almost exclusively blogged on by liberals, the pair’s costumes have been met with—what else?—accusations of racism.

Liberals have made a craft of corrupting innocent things. Blackface, for example. Painting one’s skin to match the hue of another person is not any more inherently an insult to that other person than wearing a dog costume is insulting to dogs. Neither one means you hate the person or thing whose appearance you’re adopting.

As the years have gone on, Americans have been and continue to be forced to endure the sideshow of costume controversies that, Halloween after Halloween, the politically correct ruling elite insist on creating. The melodrama from the left over costumes will always be with us for as long as Halloween costumes continue being manufactured, marketed, and sold.

But, while this joint Trayvon-Zimmerman Halloween effort is not racist, it is still in poor taste. Trayvon Martin was a druggie and a criminal, but he was still someone’s son. No parent should ever have to live to see his or her children die. Trayvon brought it upon himself, but I do think these Halloween partiers should be a little more sensitive toward his parents.

Dressing as Trayvon Martin, complete with blackface, is not racist; it’s merely inconsiderate.