Transgender “Boy” Student Lies About Being Beaten, Sexually Assaulted; Media Fall For It Anyway

We’ve seen this before. In a desperate attempt to garner attention and sympathy, some homosexual or “transgender” individual claims to be the victim of a hate crime.

Not surprisingly, the media always fall for it. They never second-guess it. They assume the story’s completely true, and they will be all over it. School officials, LGBT organizations, friends, neighbors and family will come out in support of this “victim,” hosting candlelight vigils and donation drives to help the persecuted person. Then, everyone finds out the story was fabricated.

The San Jose Mercury News reported on one such incident recently about a girl who “identifies” as a boy. “He” claimed to have been bullied and beaten in the boys’ restroom by three male students, and that they hurled hateful slurs at “him.” Police initially billed the incident as a hate crime:

 In the latest incident, a 15-year-old transgender male student told police he was leaving the bathroom in the 300 building at around 11 a.m. when three boys pushed him inside a bathroom stall and physically and sexually assaulted him.

Hercules police Officer and spokeswoman Connie Van Putten said investigators are treating the incident as a hate crime.

“We know from the investigation that certain disparaging remarks were made to the victim while this was happening that would classify this as a hate crime,” Van Putten said.

The student was exercising his right under a new state law to use a bathroom that matched his gender identity.

“This is a terrible tragedy that occurred to this student,” said Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, which opposed the law. “For him to be put in such an unsafe environment should be a wake-up call to every school district about what can happen if (this law) is implemented. … The people who did this, and the school district should be held responsible in doing all they can not to ignore it.”

Detectives were on campus Tuesday to look for any physical evidence left in the bathroom where the sexual assault occurred, Van Putten said. As of Tuesday morning, no witnesses had come forward and so far no suspects have been identified or arrested, Van Putten added. The suspects were described only as being 16 to 17 years old.

But it turned out to be a complete hoax. Nothing happened. The “boy” just wanted attention or to “raise awareness,” or something. The Contra Costa Times updated the story:

A day after telling police he was viciously attacked in a campus restroom, a transgender high school student recanted his report to police, admitting that he fabricated an incident that fit a troubling pattern of violence on the campus and raised concerns about a groundbreaking state transgender rights law.

In general, the response has been that even though the kid lied about being attacked, it still should be taken seriously, because such things do happen.

So, if I wanted to “raise awareness” of the knockout attacks that are generally perpetrated by blacks on unsuspecting whites, I should hit myself in the face and call the police, telling them that I was the victim of a knockout attack? Would that be OK? I mean, those incidents do happen, and it seems they’re generally ignored by the mass media, so I’d be doing everyone a favor by “raising awareness.”

But see, it’s different when a white person claims to be the victim of some racially-motivated attack game. It has to be some kind of minority claiming to be a victim. Then the media and everyone else will eat it right up without even investigating it.