Traitorous U.S. Foreign Policy Supports The Violent Growth Of Islam

Contrary to our propagandist in charge, the United States is still at war with the most dangerous ideology since that of Hitler’s Germany. All over the world, armies of Islamic jihadists are recruiting martyrs, training armies and executing violent aggression—funded by some Muslim benefactor—against vulnerable nations ripe for subjugation. The United Nations continues to provide cover for Muslim extremist government takeovers while our President not only refuses to engage our enemies but sends them American made weapons.

Obama’s romantic support for the “Muslim Spring” has predictably empowered the destabilizing of U.S anti-terrorism allies and replaced their leadership with radical enemies of Israel and America. Islamist diplomats have been welcomed into U.S. inner circles to aid strategic changes to our nation benefitting the toleration and growth of Sharia and Islamist influences in our U.S. government and culture.

World powers no longer take our government seriously. Israel has all but given up hope in America’s loyalty and resigned itself and its future to a fight to the death. In Global diplomatic circles America is no longer significant. We are just a cash cow to be milked dry and weakened. The Obama foreign policy of appeasement has destroyed U.S. credibility and America is no longer a trusted friend that can be counted on when your enemy is knocking at your door. Instead America has become a trusted enabler of the growth of terror and the spread of its lethal ideology.

Our U.S intelligence community continues to fail in its mission to dismantle global terrorism as evidenced by its spread and rise in regions that have never had any serious Islamist inclinations. Administration directed arbitrary drone strikes have replaced the requisite U.S military presence and with its absence our faithful deterrence to the spread of global terror. And America and its allies are slowly becoming encircled by our enemies. Make no mistake they are coming for us and the threat of their use of weapons of mass destruction is an Obama induced reality.

Since Barack Obama became President and began his “Muslim outreach” foreign policy, terrorist financiers have had free reign in the world. Supplying an adaptive and mobile army of terrorists isn’t cheap and somebody or some government is spending tons to promote the violent takeover of non-Islamic nations who have never fired a shot on behalf of America or Israel. If guilty of anything these countries simply allow the U.S. to seed their economic and political development in return for a slice of their natural resources and implied loyalty. Arguably not a perfect relationship, but it beats rape, starvation, torture and genocide at the hands of Islam’s protagonists.

Under the Obama Administration, the U.S. Department of defense—however frivolous with taxpayer money—is being attack by our President with wild claims of waste and calls for spending reductions. Yet America is arming governments with known terrorist connections at U.S. taxpayer expense. Wahhabis’ money still flows through U.S. tolerated channels to Bin laden’s and Zarqawi’s replacements who see more value—at least for the time being—in destabilizing our allies governments and replacing them with Sharia loyal brethren than blowing up American domestic infrastructure. I see their point, why destroy it when your role in its governance and exploitation is being sanction by a U.S. President and his supporters.

The reckless and purposeful destruction of our economy by President Obama continues to weaken America’s global influence. World powers have seen the writing on the wall and are re-directing their economic loyalties in preparation for the eventual demise of the Great Satan.

With an almost smug pleasure, Obama is incrementally defunding and reducing the size and strength of our military at an alarming rate. He has forced unpopular policy changes that have led to the disintegration of troop morale and the erosion of a U.S. warrior’s well-earned bragging rights. American military influence is being neutered by this administration and our enemies are gaining international territory and political power.

How much longer can America ignore the ever increasing destruction of our place in the world? We are being groomed to accept the rule of our enemy and yet we just continue to deny the obvious intent of a man who hid his anti-American past to allow for his ambitious pursuit of the destruction of the country he was elected to save. But for whom?