A Totally Gay Election In Maryland

State Senator Richard Madaleno, a Democrat, is currently in his second term of representing Maryland’s 18th district. He’s also homosexual, which the progressive Marylanders, who have reached a level of human progression far beyond us right-wingers, just love. Madaleno is even “married” to another man with whom he has adopted two children to psychologically abuse, so he’s got full gay cred.

But there’s trouble on the horizon, for Madaleno has a challenger for the Democratic primaries.

Now, there are only a few types of candidates who are ever more exalted than a homosexual, who are higher up on the liberals’ Totem of Preferential Treatment. Madaleno is a white man, so he would get an automatic check-mark against him should a black person ever decide to run against him.

But his challenger is not black, nor any other “colored” person, as liberals call non-whites. No, the challenger is unfortunately a fellow cracker.

A lesbian, perhaps? Lesbians are one step above homosexual males because lesbians also have the benefit of being women. Plus, even some anti-homosexual males love lesbians. Don’t ask us—er, I mean them—why.

But no, Madaleno’s challenger is not a lesbian.

Madaleno’s challenger, Dana Beyer, is in fact a “transgender” “woman.”

A “transgender” “woman,” for those of you still stuck in the Dark Ages, when Republicans and Tea Partiers had their Nazi grip on society, is basically a glorified homosexual cross-dresser in a deeper state of psychosis.

“Mrs.” Beyer was “born that way,” which is to say he was born mentally insane, and so apparently we should all just embrace it or something. Because, hey, he used to be an eye surgeon and he has two sons in their mid-20s, so he’s normal.

Beyer wears women’s clothing, has a woman’s hairstyle, wears makeup, has fake breasts (whether they’re under his skin or simply under his clothing, I do not know), shaves his body (does that make him anti- or pro-feminism?), and believes that there is a woman inside of his Mrs. Doubtfire-build body just screaming to get out. He’s just like one of us, you see.

Here’s a video of him. Now tell me, if that isn’t the melodious voice of a woman, what is?

In the “progressive” state of Maryland, where, just like in America as a whole, the deviants and the deranged are elevated to the status of the public’s moral arbiters, Senator Madaleno has a real challenge in the coming months as he runs for his third four-year term. He may be a deviant, but not to the same celebrated extent as his challenger.

It’s going to be a totally gay election.