Our Totally Foreign President

President Obama’s half-brother on his father’s side has taken a cue from his brother Barack in writing a memoir of his early life.

Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo’s book, Cultures My Personal Odyssey of Self-Discovery, will be coming out February 28.

In traveling the media circuit abroad to promote the book, Ndesandjo told Maariv, an Israeli paper, of his first meeting with Barack.

“I remember that my impression at the first meeting was that Barack thought that I was too white,” he said, “and I thought that he was too black. He was an American citizen on a journey in search of his African roots, while I was a resident of Kenya seeking to find his white roots.”

Ndesandjo continued, “I remember that when I spoke with him about the heroes of Western culture he rolled his eyes impatiently. My feeling was that, here is an American who in many ways is trying to be a local Kenyan youth. This is something I tried to flee my entire life.”

This is in alignment with Barack’s description of his first meeting with his half-brother in his first memoir, Dreams from My Father.

Now remember what then-Senator Obama said in 2006, when he visited Kenya and went to an anti-AIDS event, joining on the stage Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

“I’m so proud to come back home,” Obama said. A video clip of it was used in a pro-Obama documentary.

Now let’s just pretend it’s not at all suspicious that someone who has never lived in Kenya, and who has only ever visited it three times, would call Kenya his home. Let’s pretend it’s just “a black thang,” as black people have said in defending Obama’s curious statement.

Fine, birthers are crazy.

Regardless, the fact still remains that Obama, America’s President, considers a country other than America to be his home. America is utterly foreign to him. Obama wants to separate himself from American (white) culture, just as his brother says in his memoir and just as Obama alluded to in his own memoir.

We can’t take Obama’s words to have simply been the casual warming-up of the crowd, for Obama even privately considers Kenya his home. We know this because even his wife Michelle referred to Kenya as Obama’s “home country” in this speech she once gave.

So it’s clearly something that they’ve discussed privately before. Michelle knows her husband like nobody else; she made it obvious that Obama is a foreigner, if not by birth, then by sentiment.

This is completely inappropriate for an American president to view another country as home and America as foreign. Whether Obama was born here or not, he is a foreigner.

Too late now to matter, but still worth mentioning.