Out: Being Tolerant In: Hating Conservatives

Have you noticed the odd double standard that exists in America today? If you are a conservative, the nation demands you be “tolerant.” If you are a liberal, it’s completely within your right to be intolerant towards conservatives!

If you are pro-traditional marriage, Christian, conservative — or even just Republican — you are a hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist, warmongering monster.

If you happen to hatefully spite anyone who is a conservative… you are totally cool.

If you say mean things about conservatives, if you mock Christians, if you physically assault politically active and elderly Republicans, or if you just like to yell vicious and disgusting things at white people – don’t worry, that response is welcomed.

There is a disgusting double standard that exists in our nation today which calls conservatives evil simply for believing that some things are wrong and others are right. At the same time, it allows liberals to actually think and act in an evil manner towards conservatives without facing any repercussions…

Take this story from Mediaite for example – wherein an actor who plays a gay man on TV refused to be photographed with Rick Santorum (R-PA), even though Santorum was a big fan of his show. If Santorum had refused to be pictured with said actor – the media would have erupted with cries of bigotry. Instead they are silent when the actor acts in a bigoted manner himself…

It’s a disgusting double standard – read for yourself.


Eric Stonestreet, who plays one half of what is arguably America’s most famous fictional gay couple on the sitcom Modern Family is thrilled to count the Obamas among his many fans. But Rick Santorum? Not so much.

During an interview with HuffPost LiveWednesday, Stonestreet said he was amazed at some of the conservative politicians who have approached him wanting to take photos. When Santorum did just that at a recent White House Correspondents Dinner, Stonestreet flat out refused.

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