To Saint Obama: Jesus Is Not Your Sock Puppet!

The CNN “Belief” blog has decided to show everyone their theological acumen and Biblical literacy. In their entry, “The Gospel According to Obama” we read,

 “Historians may remember Obama as the nation’s first black president, but he’s also a religious pioneer. He’s not only changed people’s perception of who can be president, some scholars and pastors say, but he’s also expanding the definition of who can be a Christian by challenging the religious right’s domination of the national stage. When Obama invoked Jesus to support same-sex marriage, framed health care as a moral imperative to care for “the least of these,’’ and once urged people to read their Bible but just not literally, he was invoking another Christian tradition that once dominated American public life so much that it gave the nation its first megachurches, historians say.”

 The first “historian” invoked is the authoritative opinion of the notorious “Christian” Leftist and full-time Obama-regime apologist Jim Wallis of the humbly-named “God’s Politics” blog for the Liberal, Statist group Sojourners. He opines, “Barack Obama has referred to his faith more times than most presidents ever have, but for many it’s the wrong kind of faith.”

I haven’t counted myself but would not be surprised at all if Obama has mentioned his faith more than any other. The reason is obvious: Every time some Republican president mentions God they are attacked by the secular media culture, which then gets cheers and rationalizations from the likes of Wallis and his crew of court prophets. The media loves to see Jesus publicly neutered so that he is used as Obama’s sock puppet.

It must be a real rush for the powerful: Even though Jesus isn’t here (yet!) they can publicly humiliate him and crucify him all over again, strapping him up as their figurehead while they steer the ship of state according to their own autonomous agenda.

I’m not going to waste your time reviewing what the Bible says about homosexual marriage and infanticide. Anyone who can read, including honest atheists like Camille Paglia and Penn Jillette, knows that Obama is the wrong kind of Christian to people like Jesus or Paul.

Look what idiocy passes as sophistication: The fact that there are “weird” (to modern readers) dietary laws in Leviticus doesn’t interest Obama or Wallis at all. They aren’t a bit curious about what might be significant about such issues in religious text that Jesus took seriously. They don’t care why they are in there. Rather than being interesting, the obscure laws are simply treated as license to move on with a Leftist agenda built on Leftist principles. We wave our hands at a prohibition on shellfish in Leviticus and declare the Biblical sexual ethic from Genesis 1 through Romans 1 to Revelation 21.9 to be outdated.

Putting “social issues” like homosexuality and infanticide aside, I can’t let stand Obama’s odious accusation that his so-called “faith” is “is not the faith of the religious right. It’s about things that they don’t talk about. It’s about how the Bible is full of God’s clear instruction to care for the poor.” Right. Because putting America on food stamps is exactly what God means by that. Obama might as well boast about putting Native American’s in reservations or “taking care of” minorities in prisons.

Obama talks as if the coming debt doomsday that he has brought so much closer won’t especially hurt the poor. Go look at the riots in Greece and tell me how the poor are benefitting from all that “care.”

Obama and the rest of the Religious Left prove a Biblical proverb: “The compassion of the wicked is cruel.”