To Clinton’s Health in the New Year

Well, Hillary Clinton is back in the hospital again, this time from a blood clot. Due to some shoddy reporting from NBC, it’s unclear if it’s the doctors who don’t know where the clot is or if it’s just the public who don’t know where the clot is, but in the end, I don’t know where the clot is, so I cannot tell you.

A doctor (whether Clinton’s doctor or just a random doctor, I’m unclear, again thanks to NBC’s news staff) told NBC that it is uncommon for blood clots to arise out of a concussion, and that the more likely explanation is that the clot is in her limbs from lying in bed for so long. I’m more inclined to guess that he is not Clinton’s doctor, otherwise he would know where the clot is, wouldn’t he? Is it possible to know someone has a clot but not to know where it is?

So Clinton got the flu, which made her throw up, which made her dehydrated, which made her lightheaded, which made her collapse, which made her bonk her head, which made her lie in bed for a week, which (possibly) gave her a blood clot–all of which kept Clinton from testifying on Benghazi, thus delaying the truth from reaching the public before everyone forgets about it. (I wonder, if Clinton were a private citizen, would she have been put under arrest for skipping out on giving testimony?)

Regardless of what we think of the woman–and I know we don’t hold her in very high regard, to put it as kindly as I’m willing–let us hope, possibly pray, that the anticoagulants Clinton’s doctors have put her on help her and that she does not die anytime soon. This is not a political consideration, the desire that she not die simply because we haven’t heard her testimony; it is a human consideration: she is a mother and a wife, and we conservatives are better than liberals not only in our politics, but in the way we treat humans; we don’t wish death upon or rejoice in the death of our political adversaries.

So, here’s to Clinton’s health in the New Year. May her daughter get to keep her as a mother, and may her husband get to keep her as a wife-on-the-side.


[Update: The New York Times is reporting that the blood clot is between Clinton’s skull and brain, behind her right ear. She is expected to make a full recovery.]