Time to Use the Nuclear Option to Stop the Iran Deal?

We conservatives are loathe to stoop to the level of Harry Reid and the liberal Democrats but the time may have come to consider doing so. The Republican Party dominates both chambers of Congress and yet the President and the Democrat Party are preparing to push through a deal that only a small fraction of Congress actually agrees with and an even smaller percentage of Americans want! It is quite literally the opposite of the way our federal government is supposed to work…

So, yes, maybe it is time for conservatives to use the “nuclear option.”

Steve Hayes: This is fine. This is a fine effort to get Democrats on the record as Charles suggests, but I think he’s right. I’m against the nuclear option as a matter of principle, but Democrats…

Bret Baier: The nuclear option is the 50 threshold. Because we’re mixing our nuclears here…

Steve Hayes: But if you were ever going to do it, this would be the time. You heard from Republicans that this is potentially a world changing event. A world changing deal. Well if it’s a world changing deal, you ought to take every possible step to prevent it from happening. But i think Republicans really missed an opportunity earlier to make their best public case. There was an editorial in The Wall Street Journaltoday urging them once again to do so.

You have three senior Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials shouting to Congress, saying, we need to see these documents — not the IAEA documents, although, it’s important to see those — we need to see the documents the administration has kept hidden, that were found in Osama bin Laden’s compound, that describe the relationship between al Qaeda and Iran. You have an Obama administration that has designated al Qaeda operatives operating Iran. They’ve acknowledged the existence of this.

Why are we doing a nuclear deal with the terrorist entity that has been trying to hit us and continues to do so to this day that gets support from the people we are now giving hundreds of billions of dollars? It’s a key question. It’s an important question. The Wall Street Journal, I thought, had a very important editorial about it today. I’m just shocked that Republicans haven’t made this an issue. They seem uninterested in making this an issue and I think it’s the single best issue rhetorically to make in this whole argument.

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