Time for GOP to Put Up or Shut Up

Ever since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and then the White House in 2008, Republicans have been complaining.

Obamacare has been one of their biggest complaints. Republicans have been against the forced penalties for Americans that don’t have health insurance. They’ve been against many of the taxes imposed by Obamacare along with the high costs of healthcare and reduction in quality of coverages. They’ve also complained about some parts of the employer mandate and how it violates the First Amendment religious rights of Christian employers. Now that they have control of both the Senate and House, it’s time for them to act to fix everything they’ve been complaining about.

Perhaps the biggest concern on the minds of Americans is the economy. Many of Obama’s and the Democrat’s economic policies have only served to increase our national debt and raise taxes. Republicans have complained about the out of control spending and the need to cut the size of government and spending rather than increase taxes. Starting at noon on January 3, 2015, I expect to see Republicans start offering workable solutions to economic woes they’ve been complaining about.

Energy has also been a big issue where the Republicans have complained about the Democratic policies. They understand the need to develop alternative fuel measures, but not at the expense of jobs and the current energy infrastructure. Obama has waged a war against coal and oil while dumping billions of dollars into failed green energy. Okay, GOP, it’s time to see what you have to offer. Will you work quickly to pass the Keystone XL pipeline project which could help make American more energy independent plus create up to 10,000 new jobs?

Let’s not forget about immigration reform. Most Republicans agree that we need some kind of immigration reform but many are against unilateral amnesty and citizenship for the millions of illegals freely walking around our streets. I know legal immigrants who say the process they went through can take years and cost thousands of dollars. This is the part of immigration that needs reform, but providing amnesty to 15 million criminals is not a solution. What are you going to offer?

Millions of Americans are still out of work. The Republican controlled House sent over a dozen different jobs bills to the Senate over the past several years. Harry Reid killed all but one before anyone even had a chance to read them. The one he didn’t kill outright, he killed quickly enough to prevent any action on it. Now that the GOP has control of the Senate, will you take a new look at some of those jobs bills that would help put millions of Americans back to work? Just think of how that would beneficially impact our economy as well?

What about our military? Obama and his anti-American cronies have been systematically dismantling our military making us more vulnerable than we’ve been in decades. Obama has repeatedly sliced the defense budget. It seems Obama would rather give our weapons to his Muslim buddies than to allow our military to keep them for our own defense. Obama has also sliced up some of the benefits for our military personnel and veterans. Will the GOP work to restore our defenses and take care of our military personnel?

Lastly, what about marriage and the Christian foundations that made America great? Will you fight for our rights and values? Will you work to protect Christian business owners who are being sued right and left by gay activists? Will you protect our rights to speak openly about our Lord and Savior to others? Will you work to stop the persecution of our children in the public schools who speak about God, Jesus and the Bible or will you allow them to be forced to study and recite the Quran as is taking place in more and more schools.

Dear Republican Party, you have a lot of work to do in two years before the next election. The outcome of that election depends on whether or not you live up to your promises and fix the things you have been complaining about. It’s time to put or shut up!