Tim Tebow Mocked While Michael Sam Praised

“You can’t hate the roots of a tree and not hate the tree.” – Malcolm X

Ah, how lovely is a double standard, for it reveals all the evil in the world! A double standard is only ever set up for the purpose of security, to protect the creator of the rule. Why would someone need to be protected? There are two answers to that question. Either they are being targeted unfairly, or they are liars who need cover. If someone is being persecuted unfairly, however, they are often on the side of the righteous, and wouldn’t rely on trickery. Given that, the only other option is that the creator of a double standard is generally a liar in need of cover.

A more perfect example of double standard usage couldn’t have come along at a better time. As anyone who follows football or politics knows, openly gay football player Michael Sam was chosen in the NFL draft last week. Good for him. If he’s a stellar player, then there was no reason he shouldn’t have been picked, gay or not. That being said, the heaps of praise received by Sam was almost too much to bear when contrasted with the loads of contempt heaped upon Tim Tebow regarding his faith.

At every turn, Tim Tebow was mocked for his faith, and told to shut up. The football field is no place for preaching! Ha ha, Tebow hearts Jesus! It’s like he’s dumb or something! What a tool. Now Michael Sam is a hero. Oh, such courage! What a brave thing to do!

Ok, I understand. Being openly gay in a field dominated by stereotypical jocks, whose opinions of someone’s personhood often hinge on matters unrelated to someone’s actually humanity is probably difficult. However, when was that deference given to Tim Tebow? When was Tebow allowed to be a human being, and not a punching bag for the leftist media complex? Pretty much never, because the media (dominated by liberals) despises Christians, and Christianity.

Following Sam’s selection, Miami Dolphins player Don Jones Tweeted “OMG,” and “Horrible.” He then deleted the Tweets, but not before a promise of an official reprimand by the Dolphins’ general manager Dennis Hickey. Hickey said that he will “sit down with Don Jones, and address the comments, and handle it appropriately.”

Do you believe for one second that if a player made similar remarks about Tim Tebow, they would have been reprimanded? I didn’t think so. This is a clear double standard. The schemer hides under these double standards. The left so hates Christians that they are willing to beat them up with one hand, while patting the backs of gays with the other. Praising gay people and condemning Christians gets liberals “compassion points,” and thereby votes. It makes them appear as though they care about people. And because the majority of Christians are conservatives, condemning, and mocking Christianity just makes sense within the framework of the liberal ideology. Destroy the enemy.

With the parity in treatment between Michael Sam, and Tim Tebow, the left has revealed yet another layer of their ongoing rot.