Tim Scott & The Liberal Hypocrisy Of Affirmative Action

As an ardent Right-wing political nut for some time now, I’ve observed hypocrisy on both sides of the political aisle. Even politicians and pundits on my own side have severely disappointed me on more than one occasion. However, the Democrats and Left-wing pundits truly take the cake, eat the cake, then blame Conservatives for their indigestion. The Left’s continued hypocrisy and ability to twist anything to slam Conservatives verges on the divine. Now they’re at it again.

By now you’re probably all familiar with the Liberals’ unquenchable angst regarding the appointment of Representative Tim Scott to the United States Senate. First, they called him an Oreo, then the liberal puppet agency, the NAACP, gave him a “failing” grade in civil rights. As it turned out, the civil rights scorecard used by the NAACP has absolutely nothing to do with civil rights; it is a laundry list of liberal agenda items. Now, liberal pundits on the faux news network, MSNBC, are claiming that the appointment of Tim Scott is the result of affirmative action.

On MSNBC’s Now: With Alex Wagner, Melissa Harris-Perry said this: “This is what’s brilliant…There is so much a powerful affirmative action of the most, sort of, base-level, quota kind that occurs in the GOP.”

Following that statement, her colleague, Ben Smith agreed, saying: “There is no more explicit affirmative action than occurs in the Republican Party, that’s true.”

Excuse me, Melissa and Ben, are you lambasting your beloved affirmative action?

1. While affirmative action was once a concept that made some sense; intended in the past to regulate discriminatory practices in colleges and the work place. It has long since become unnecessary and, in my opinion, racist.

2. Liberals–who love to bleed over any unnecessary cause–adore affirmative action. They claim we need it to level an uneven playing field. With this belief, they essentially support racial quotas in colleges and in the work place.

3. Affirmative action is demeaning and racist. It plays into a stereotype that racial minorities aren’t smart enough to be admitted to good schools, and that they are unqualified to get a job. It says: “We feel bad for you stupid minority, so we’re gonna give you a leg up, because you can’t possibly get there on your own.” In modern society, it is unnecessary to the point of being disgusting.

4. So, with Liberals championing affirmative action, why are they oh so upset if Tim Scott was a result of their beloved policy? They should be rejoicing that affirmative action has given a leg up to someone, who in their eyes, is a sad, poor minority. Here’s the reasoning (twisting/spinning/call it whatever): they hate black Conservatives. Simple. They simply cannot fathom the fact that someone they feel they own has made it to the Senate outside their ideology. They express this through condescension and mockery. They hate that Tim Scott is a strong black Conservative, who, through hard work, sacrifice and intelligence made it to the Senate.

Was Tim Scott’s appointment the result of affirmative action? Of course not. He was Nikki Haley’s choice because he is abundantly qualified. Once again, the hypocrisy of the Liberal machine is working in full force. When Liberals have no other option, they cry foul where there is none. Instead of celebrating Scott’s appointment, they denigrate it. Typical.