Tide is Turning in Abortion Debate—Liberals Run Scared

Kurt Cobain said: “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.” I have often–specifically in these columns–harshly criticized the youth of American, and young people in general, because of their impulsivity, and capriciousness. I have even gone so far as to advocate the repeal of the 26th amendment; preferring an older base voting age of 25. That being said–though young people can indeed be volatile and easily manipulated–youth does not always equal foolishness. A new trend is emerging that gives me hope for the future of our country.

According to a Gallup poll, Americans aged 18-29 are trending toward a more pro-life set of beliefs.

The following is an excerpt from the Gallup data:

“The [poll] focused on public support for the ‘legal under any circumstances’ option in Gallup’s abortion question. There is a somewhat different pattern in the trends by age for those choosing the ‘illegal in all circumstances’ position…Two important changes are apparent. One is a significant drop in the percentage of seniors saying all abortions should be illegal…This long-term 11-point decline among seniors compares with a 9-point increase — from 14% to 23% — in support for the ‘illegal in all circumstances’ position among 18- to 29-year-olds since the early 1990s.”

This trend is causing the aggressively pro-abortion advocacy group NARAL to freshen up its image. According to Janie Lorber: “NARAL leaders have not been shy about acknowledging an “intensity” gap, making it a major theme of last week’s event…Advocates on both sides of the debate agree that young adults fighting abortion are much more engaged.” For a group like NARAL to have to attempt such a reinvention shows signs of fear amongst the liberal, pro-choice base.

With advances in ultrasound technology, and the availability of pro-life information online; maybe the tide is turning in the abortion debate. It seems to me that young pro-life advocates are pushing back so hard because they are fighting for life. That would account for such an enthusiasm gap. Young pro-life advocates are crusading for the lives of the unborn.

The youth on the Left are fighting for nothing. If you ask a young pro-choicer why they believe what they believe, you are likely to hear platitudes about “a woman’s body,” and “a woman’s right to choose.” Delve deeper, and ask them if they know the procedures involved in an abortion; they will become indignant, and try to lure you back into a maze of circular logic, ending right back at “a woman’s right to choose.” Young pro-choicers lack enthusiasm because–beyond Liberal surface level talking points–they have no idea what they are fighting for.

What it comes down to is platitudes versus actual, fact based information. Platitudes may be flashy, and they may go down easy, but facts–no matter how unpleasant–always triumph in the end. This enthusiasm gap between young pro-lifers and pro-choicers can only become larger.

I often criticize young people, but this poll is significant. It may, in fact, be the youth that change the name of the abortion debate in the years to come. It is the duty of youth to challenge corruption; and maybe—finally—they are doing just that.