Thugz Nyte Owt: Three Youths Rob and Murder 87-Year-Old White Man

Three “teens” are in custody for the murder of 87-year-old white man Billy Putnam in Meridian, Mississippi, on Mother’s Day.

If you’re asking yourself the question you’d be racist to wonder out loud—you know what question I’m talking about—let me repeat: three “teens” ganged up on a defenseless elderly man, who was whitemurdered him, and then took his money and split. That should give you enough clues to know that the answer to your question is “yes, of course.”

Shon Byrd, Jr., 16, whose parents were obviously as illiterate as he looks to be, is the one who actually pulled the trigger. He poses with wads of cash in his Facebook photos, as his rap role-models have trained him to do, as if he is a gangster kingpin. He wants to act tough, he will be treated tough; he is going to be tried as an adult.

Thirty-six-year-old DeCarlos Clark and 20-year-old Veronica Ferguson are the other “teens” involved in the murder.

Putnam’s wife wanted to go grocery shopping with him, but she wasn’t feeling well. He told her to stay home and rest, as a good husband would say, and he went shopping alone, buying flowers for her for Mother’s Day, as a good husband would do.

As he was leaving the grocery store, he was robbed by the three aforementioned “teens” and shot multiple times by Shon, whose siblings (or what his mother would probably call her welfare meal tickets) are likely named Sh’Neekwuh, Keeshuh, and Antwawn.

Meridian police have declared it to be a “random” murder, because who would want to come across as racist for saying the murder had racial motivations?

The three animals spent a few hours spending Putnam’s money, including $3,000 from his credit card, before being caught by police. Shon had an electronic monitoring anklet on his ankle when they found him; he had an arrest record, which makes it all the more infuriating that he still had not been deported to Nigeria. Had that happened after his first arrest, Putnam would still be alive.

Meridian police have been studying Shon’s Facebook photos to try and understand some motivation for the crime, but they still couldn’t come up with anything.


Really, police? Not a clue?