Three Traits Of Liberalism At Boston’s University Of Massachusetts

I flew yesterday to Boston for a visit with my better-than-yours girlfriend. She may live in Massachusetts, but she hates liberalism just as much as any right- and Right-minded individual.

But she does go to the Boston campus of the University of Massachusetts, and it was there that we spent all of the seven hours we had together before my flight back to Virginia.

Let me tell you, being a member of the Right and just breathing the same atmosphere as the people at that college was enough to make me…well, want to write about it.

I knew Massachusetts is liberal; I knew Boston, being a big city in Massachusetts, was liberal; and I knew colleges were liberal in general. But three things really stood out for me on Thursday.

The first is how effeminate all the males were. Liberals view masculinity as a curse (this is one thing that separates Communism from Fascism; Fascists celebrate masculinity and traditional “gender roles” in general, so it’s one aspect of Fascism I readily accept).

The males at this place, to the extent that they could be called males, wore the skinniest of jeans, so tight that they may as well have been wearing Spandex. (And, had they been wearing Spandex, we would have seen the patterns of matted hair on their legs through the material were it not for the fact that liberal men shave their legs.)

They wore the trendiest fads, “freethinkers” that they are, each student blending in with the other in a sea of male estrogen, supplements of which I’m sure they take to help them fight “the patriarchy.” Their hair was trendy, their glasses were trendy, their man-purses, of which there was no shortage, were trendy. Women, if you like men, date a conservative.

Another thing I noticed was a student magazine called Revolution placed throughout the campus. A look at the publishing info on the back revealed it was a publication of the campus’s Communism club, which they have there.

On the front cover of the thin, newspaper-print reader was a large black-and-white photo of the dough-eyed, hoodie-wearing cherub we all know so well, Trayvon Martin. The headline declared that we are all Trayvon Martin (God, please, let that not be so!) and besought readers to wear their hoodies in solidarity with the young wannabe murderer.

I couldn’t help myself from taking a pen and drawing a word bubble coming from Trayvon’s mouth and writing, “I tried to murder a man and I got what I deserved.”

The final and most distasteful indicator of liberalism on the campus was a poster placed on the outside of the office door of one of the faculty. In large block letters it read, “ENDING TERRORISM: What Will It Really Take?”

And what does the poster propose is needed to end terrorism? “Recognize and address RACISM” (“racism” being in huge letters to accurately represent how liberals actually say that word).

Being racist, you see, hurts dark-skinned people’s feelings, so they up and kill a bunch of people, usually involving a very large and messy kaboom. White people generally don’t do this, according to the poster (and statistics, actually); rather, it is “people of color” who tend toward explosive violence. Hey, their implication, not mine, though I’m not arguing one way or the other.

If we would stop being racist, terrorists would stop being themselves. In fact, isn’t that what Muhammed said somewhere in the Qur’an? “I’m a rapist and a warmonger because people called me darkie”?

Oh well, let them believe what they want to believe. But my advice to everybody is to avoid the University of Massachusetts. Actually, you know what? Avoid college altogether. The fewer people who go, the cheaper it will be for people who actually need it, and the less picky about degrees will be the workforce.