Thousands of Dangerous Criminals Released Under Barack Obama’s Watch

“Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” – Plato

A president’s highest priority should be the safety of the people of the United States. Above all else, his policy should ensure that we are protected, and it should strengthen the laws which keep us secure. If a president fails in his duty to keep Americans safe, what good can he do otherwise?

Obama has held our faces under water since he was elected in 2008. Obama has driven us further into insolvency, and debt, he has forced upon us a monstrous healthcare legislation, he has fought against school choice, he has fought voter ID laws, which would protect the integrity of the voting process, and he has made us look weak on the global stage. Obama has wrecked this country. While most of his ridiculous policy choices have harmed us economically, and socially, few have actively put us in harm’s way. Well, that seems to have changed.

According to multiple reports, the Obama administration is allowing the release of thousands of dangerous illegal immigrants back onto the streets. These aliens have committed crimes including sexual assault, robbery, and murder. According to Breitbart:

“Monday, a leaked ICE document obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies and shared with Breitbart News revealed that last year ICE released 36,007 criminal aliens convicted of nearly 88,000 crimes, including murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault.”

If these reports are accurate, and if the release of these criminals is indeed sanctioned by the Obama administration, we have a serious problem here. This news pulls back another layer of Obama’s personality disorder. Obama is a narcissist, he is arrogant, and he is severely ideologically driven, but this revelation tells us that he cares more about his agenda than the lives of his people.

The left is scrambling to discredit the report, and they are making excuses all over the place, but it comes down to this: it doesn’t matter how these people were released, or why they were released, or even how well they’re being monitored. If they have committed these heinous crimes, and they are now among us, we are in danger. That’s it. No excuses, or spin. Why weren’t they deported? Why aren’t they still in custody? What happens if someone dies at the hands of one of the released convicts?

Obama clearly has some kind of motive beyond what’s obvious. Whether the release of these criminals is part of the amnesty agenda, or it’s part of something else entirely, it tells us that our president is placing his ideological needs above the lives of the American people. His actions speak louder than anything he could ever say. Obama is a dangerous, pathological liar, with a keen desire to have things his way, regardless of the consequences.

Who cares if a few people die in the pursuit of ideological purity, right?