This New Toy Will Help Traffic Cops Rake in the Dough from Unsuspecting Drivers

While speeding laws may have been started with good intentions, they’re used nowadays as ways to bring in large amounts of money for cities and police departments.

City and police officials who stand to gain financially from traffic ticket revenue claim it’s all about safety. I’m sure they wish that no one ever violated any traffic codes ever, right? If that were the case, they’d have to come up with more laws for people to break. They’ve got to make money somehow. The Blaze reported:

Drivers in a village just outside of Cleveland might see their local officers holding devices to gauge speeds, but they’re not your typical radar guns.

According to WJW-TV, officers in the Newburgh Heights Police Department are starting to use hand-held speed cameras. These devices allow cops to measure speed, take pictures and issue tickets without having to pull over the alleged speeder at the time. Like fixed speed cameras, these tickets are issued in the mail.

And like speed camera tickets, it doesn’t matter who’s driving. The registrant of the car will be responsible for paying the fine, regardless of whether or not the owner was even in the car when the alleged violation happened.

If it is really about safety, then a cop clocking a speeding driver and then mailing him a citation isn’t really doing anything except demanding money. You’d think that if it were a safety issue, the cop would chase after the speeding driver and pull him over in order to protect other drivers.

This would be like traffic cops witnessing an armed robbery at a convenience store, then mailing a citation to the criminal, and claiming that they have to issue armed robbery citations for people’s safety.

In reality, if a cop witnessed an armed robbery, he’d pursue the suspect, hold him at gunpoint and arrest him. That really would be about everyone else’s safety.

It’s pretty obvious that these new toys will be used not to keep drivers safe, but to increase their revenue.