There’s A Different B-Word For Women Who Want To Ban The Word “Bossy”

There is no shortage of outrages for social-justice warriors to feel righteous raging about.

Only two gay characters in a single sitcom series? Outrage.

Only three black characters for every five white characters in a single sitcom series? Outrage.

Zero overweight, wheelchair-bound, asexual, transgender, multiracial characters whose favorite color is yellow in any sitcom series at all? Outrage.

The good-natured suggestion that black people could actually put a Popeye’s out of business for a whole day? Outrage.

But more outrageous than these outrageous offenses is the fact that some kids who are bossed around by bossy girls have the gumption to accurately describe those girls as bossy. Doesn’t it just make you quiver in fury?

These celebrities certainly are having none of it:

Question for the sane: Isn’t being bossy a soft form of bullying? I knew a firey redhead in elementary school, name of Suzanne. Nobody didn’t think she was mean in the way she bossed people around. (I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s now a lesbian, but that’s beside the point.) And isn’t it considered a bully tactic to shame people not to speak up against bullying (bossiness)? Do these celebrities not know what irony is?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the handful of uptight women who made this “important” public-service announcement are actually playing a prank on social-justice warriors?

See, before this ad, nobody on the planet had an issue with the word “bossy.” But now that celebrities have suddenly formed a campaign and started a “cause” (young idiot romantics love “causes” to fill their otherwise empty lives and feel righteous), young idiot romantics have latched onto it.

So here’s my wild theory: The social-justice community is being punk’d by celebrities. Some rich white guy gathered a bunch of “diverse” actors together (“Young idiot romantics love diversity,” he probably said in his pitch, cackling), and said, “Hey, let’s see how stupid we can make these people look.”

I hope that theory is correct because I don’t want to live in a society in which anybody would actually whine about the word “bossy,” not to mention a society that gives such fussers even a second of ad time.

Any girls complaining of being called bossy should be grateful they’re not being called another, more fitting b-word instead.