If Theocracy Would Help America, Would Conservatives Support It?

American conservatives deeply love their country. They have a passion for it the likes of which are only rivaled in the congregations of evangelical churches for their Lord.

So it puzzles me when I encounter conservatives who put something above the well-being of their country. And all of them do it.

The Constitution is a wonderful set of laws, but it is fallible. It has been changed by the Legislative Branch over the years because the Founders allowed for it to be changed. Thomas Jefferson even said that a new constitution ought to be written every generation to adapt to modern times. Disagreeing with Jefferson is sacrilege to a conservative, but I do disagree with him wholeheartedly about this idea of his.

But even from the beginning, and not just due to legislative changes over the years, the Constitution was a flawed document. It’s okay to believe that.

I’m writing this as the sole reactionary among the writers here on Last Resistance. I used to be a conservative, but I drifted further to the right when I saw that conservatives refuse to even countenance an idea that would be good for the country they love if it goes against the Constitution they love. They place Constitution above country.

Don’t get me wrong, please. My critique of conservatives does not come with any hostility. Conservatives are the closest allies a reactionary can have. A reactionary, after all, is a conservative with the radical idea that all the social norms of modernity ought to be rejected and that we should return to older ways. Also that we need to grow a pair.

A reactionary is not afraid to posit the idea that, just for example, a Christian theocracy might not be such a bad idea. I even once heard a Jewish conservative say she wouldn’t mind a Christian theocracy. She said this because, even though she’s not a Christian, she understood the country would be better off if its government were Bible-based.

All of the virtues elevated in the Bible are things that benefit a moral civil society and would benefit a country if embraced. And all of the things in the Bible decried as sinful are things that harm society and would harm a country if tolerated.

“But the Constitution says we should have freedom of religion,” says the conservative.

What good is a Constitution unless it is beneficial to the country founded upon it? If the only argument against theocracy is that it’s against the Constitution, would we then be opposed to freedom of religion if the Constitution were written to found a theocracy? Conservatives would be opposed simply because it’d be in the Constitution and that would be that; but a reactionary would be opposed because he believes freedom of religion could wind up biting the country in the butt.

Let’s pretend that laughing were outlawed in the original Constitution. Would conservatives then be against laughing since it says in the Constitution we’re not allowed to?

Abiding by something merely for the sake of abiding by it makes no logical sense. There needs to be a purpose served.

Take Islam. Islam harms the country; not just the terroristic branch of it, but even the Muslims who don’t really get all that outraged when acts of terrorism are committed by their peers. There is no Muslim peace movement. There is never a “march for peace” embraced by the majority of the Muslim community. Their silence is harmful.

Why shouldn’t we outlaw Islam? And I don’t mean outlawing it by pretending it’s not really a religion and therefore it wouldn’t violate the First Amendment to outlaw Islam. That’s an excuse some conservatives make, but they’re reaching. Islam is a religion. And it is a religion that should be banned in America.

Under a Christian theocracy, you could still be a Muslim. But all the mosques would be torn down and not another one would be permitted to be built.

Gay activism also harms the country, but conservatives embrace it by refusing to outlaw it, simply because it’s “free speech.” So we should permit it in the name of the Constitution, even though it degrades society and will be one of the contributors to the downfall of the country? This makes sense?

I wish conservatives would start thinking more courageously, more outside the box that says you can’t stray from conservative political correctness.

On a somewhat related note, The Imaginative Conservative has a fantastic piece I urge all of you to read. It’s titled “A New Conservatism? Either it will be Christian or not at All.”